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British Gas Boiler Repair: How to Book?

British Gas offers a range of services for boiler repair and maintenance, catering to different needs. Whether you’re a HomeCare customer or not, British Gas provides tailored solutions for your boiler issues.

Services for HomeCare Customers

Customer Type Services Offered
HomeCare Repair booking, annual boiler service, cover upgrade
Non-HomeCare Boiler & heating repairs, plumbing & drains repairs, electrics & appliance repairs, optional ongoing cover

HomeCare Services

  • Availability: With nearly 7,000 engineers, British Gas ensures prompt assistance for HomeCare customers facing boiler issues.
  • Booking a Repair: HomeCare customers can easily book a repair included in their cover.
  • Annual Boiler Service: Scheduling annual services is straightforward and included in the HomeCare plan.
  • Cover Upgrade: Customers can upgrade or change their cover as needed​​.

Services for Non-HomeCare Customers

One-Off Repair Service

  • Scope of Services: Services include boiler & heating repairs, plumbing & drains repairs, and electrics & appliance repairs.
  • Optional Ongoing Cover: Non-HomeCare customers can add optional ongoing cover for extra peace of mind​​.

Booking Process

Service Type Booking Methods
HomeCare Repair Online, British Gas app
Annual Service Online with booking code, phone, app
One-Off Repair Online
Repair and Cover Online

For HomeCare Customers

  • Repair Booking: HomeCare customers can book repairs online or via the British Gas app, ensuring a fast and efficient process.

For Annual Services

  • Online Booking: Customers with a 7-character booking code can book online by entering the code and postcode.
  • Phone Booking: Alternatively, bookings can be made via phone calls, though it’s a slower process compared to the online system.
  • British Gas App: The app, available on iOS, Android, and Kindle Store, allows for easy management of bookings​​.

For Non-HomeCare Customers

  • Online Booking: Non-HomeCare customers can book a one-off repair online, selecting time slots that suit their schedule.
  • Repair and Cover Option: There’s an option to book a repair with no upfront fee and choose a cover plan for ongoing protection​​.

Repair and Cover Plan

Phase Details
Booking Online booking, various payment options
Engineer Visit Repair execution, possible follow-up
Post-Repair 12 months of cover, unlimited call-outs

Booking and Coverage

  • Booking: Customers can book appointments online anytime by providing location and heating system details.
  • Payment Options: Two payment options are available – one with a monthly fee and a higher excess, and another with a higher monthly fee but no excess.
  • Repair and Year-Long Protection: The plan includes the initial repair and a year of cover with unlimited call-outs and repairs.

During the Appointment

  • Engineer Visit: Engineers call ahead and perform necessary repairs. If all parts aren’t available, they may return the next day to complete the job.

Post-Repair Coverage

  • Continued Protection: After the repair, customers enjoy 12 months of Central Heating Breakdown cover, with the promise of unlimited call-outs and replacements if the issue can’t be fixed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I book a repair if I’m a HomeCare customer?
    • HomeCare customers can book repairs online or through the British Gas app.
  2. What services are available for non-HomeCare customers?
    • Non-HomeCare customers can access boiler & heating repairs, plumbing & drains repairs, and electrics & appliance repairs. They can also opt for ongoing cover.
  3. Can I book an annual boiler service online?
    • Yes, using a 7-character booking code on the British Gas website, or by phone.
  4. What are the payment options for the Repair and Cover plan?
    • Options include monthly fees with varying excess amounts.
  5. What happens after the repair is completed?
    • Customers enjoy 12 months of Central Heating Breakdown cover with unlimited call-outs.
  6. Is there an option for immediate repair for urgent issues?
    • British Gas provides options for urgent repairs, but specifics depend on the customer’s plan and availability of engineers.
  7. Can I reschedule my booked appointment?
    • Yes, appointments can be easily updated or rescheduled online or via the app.

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