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Why Won’t Evri Accept My Payment?

If you have encountered payment acceptance issues while booking an order on the Evri website or app then one of the reasons discussed below may be responsible for your situation.

Evri accepts certain payment solutions and you must pay using one of these payment options. If you are trying to pay for your Evri booking with any other payment solution then Evri will not entertain any such transaction. The following payment options are supported by Evri.

  • Credit Cards like Master & Visa
  • Debit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Bank Account

However, if you are using any of these payment options and still Evri is not accepting your payment then you may need to explore the following options.

Bank Issues

Sometimes banks don’t allow some transactions as such transactions involve the sharing of sensitive data. As you share personal data with Evri while booking an order your bank may decline Evri payments. If you are facing issues while making payment through your bank account then consult your bank authorities for resolution of the issue.

Card Issues

Like a bank account, sometimes Evri also declines card payments. Most of the time, the following two issues arise while making payments with cards.

i) Online Transactions Blocked

In the case of credit cards, online transactions are blocked by default or on the customer’s request due to increasing online financial fraud. If Evri is not accepting your credit card payment then simply ask your credit card company to unblock your online transactions. You can also unblock the online transactions via your banking app.

ii) Expired Card

Though it is a rare reason for payment decline sometimes we just don’t care about looking at the details of our credit/debit cards. And therefore, we try to pay with expired cards. So, before placing an order at Evri, make sure that your card is still active.

However, after doing all these necessary steps, if Evri is still not accepting your payment then contact the customer support team of Evri via telephone or online chat. If you need any further assistance regarding Evri payment options and issues then visit their official website here ( or download their app.

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