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British Gas Engineer Didn’t Show Up, What to Do?

According to Ofgem rules, British Gas is required to pay £30 compensation for each missed appointment. Furthermore, if this compensation is not paid within 10 days, an additional £30 is due. These rules are part of the Guaranteed Standards that suppliers and agents must adhere to for customer service. This compensation policy has been implemented following incidents where British Gas paid significant amounts in compensation to customers for missed appointments.

This guide provides structured steps to manage such situations effectively, ensuring you are aware of your rights and the appropriate actions to take.

Immediate Steps to Take

Report the Missed Appointment

  • Contact Customer Service: Immediately inform British Gas of the missed appointment. Maintain a record of your communication for reference.

Check for Compensation Eligibility

  • Understand Ofgem Rules: British Gas is required to pay £30 for each missed appointment under Ofgem rules. An additional £30 is due for non-payment within 10 days.

Seeking Further Assistance

Contact Consumer Support

  • Consult Consumer Groups: If the response from British Gas is unsatisfactory, seek advice from groups like Citizens Advice for guidance on proceeding with your claim.

Understand Your Legal Rights

  • Contractual Obligations: If a service provider misses an appointment without a valid reason, they have breached the agreement, potentially entitling you to compensation.

Rescheduling the Appointment

Follow-Up with British Gas


Q: What should I do immediately after a British Gas engineer misses an appointment? Contact British Gas customer service to report the missed appointment and keep a record of the communication.

Q: Am I entitled to compensation for a missed appointment? Yes, under Ofgem rules, you are entitled to £30 compensation for each missed appointment, with an additional £30 if not paid within 10 days.

Q: What if British Gas does not respond adequately to my complaint? If you are not satisfied with the response from British Gas, consider seeking advice from consumer support services like Citizens Advice.

Q: Do I need to inform British Gas that I’m taking time off work for the appointment? Yes, informing British Gas that you are taking time off work when scheduling the appointment can be important for compensation claims.

Q: Should I reschedule the missed appointment immediately? Yes, if the appointment is for essential services, prioritize rescheduling it promptly.

Q: Are there any valid reasons for an engineer missing an appointment? Yes, there can be legitimate reasons such as emergencies. However, this does not negate your right to compensation.


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