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How Many Parcels Do Evri Deliver a Day?

Evri is the UK’s largest parcel delivery company and it delivers to almost every location of the UK and Northern Ireland.

How Many Parcels Do Evri Deliver a Day?

With more than 18000 Evri couriers working across the UK, the company delivers almost 700 million parcels annually – according to Evri. With these estimates, Evri delivers more than 190,000 parcels a day on average.

How can a parcel company can deliver such a huge number of parcels per day? Evri has an elaborate infrastructure like main depots, sub-depots, ParcelShops, and lockers across the country and therefore can deliver an astounding number of parcels daily. Here is how Evri delivers more than 190,000 parcels a day.

Parcel Delivery through ParcelShops

Evri has more than 8500 ParcelShops across the UK and Northern Ireland. Therefore, a majority of the parcels get delivered through ParcelShops daily. Most of the ParcelShops open early and close around 10 pm and therefore, it is the most utilized option for parcel drop-off and collection.

Moreover, collection of parcels from a ParcelShop is free while dropping-off parcels is a cheaper option as compared to courier collection. A majority of the ParcelShops have also printing devices and you can get your label on the spot.

Parcel Delivery through Lockers

The next method of Evri parcel delivery is through Evri lockers. Evri has lockers at almost every public place like shopping malls and airports. And therefore, it is always easy to drop off or collect parcels from Evri lockers.

Parcel Delivery through Couriers

Finally, a majority of the Evri parcels get delivered through couriers. As mentioned earlier, more than 18000 couriers are working with Evri. Evri Courier collects parcels from your home or business address and delivers them at the required destination.

Moreover, Evri courier attempts three times to deliver your parcel. Therefore, Evri courier is a convenient but a bit costlier option. If you need any further assistance regarding Evri parcel delivery services and statistics then visit their official website here ( or download their app.

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