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Does Evri Charge for Redelivery?

There are two scenarios for Evri redelivery. In the first scenario, the customer cancels the original delivery and reschedule it to another location while in another, the customer might not be available at the time of parcel delivery and is waiting for its redelivery to the original address.

Customer Cancels the Original Delivery

In the first scenario, when the customer cancels the order before the parcel is delivered to its original destination then the customer will receive the refund. And he will have to pay the charges for his next delivery destination.

If the price of the original order exceeds than new one, he will receive the remaining amount. If the amount of the new order exceeds the new one then he will need to pay the outstanding amount and Evri will redeliver the order to the new destination.

Customer Misses the Delivery

In the second scenario, when the customer is not available for parcel collection in the first attempt. Then in such a situation, Evri’s courier will try again to deliver the parcel. The courier will also try a third time and Evri does not charge for this type of redelivery.

However, if the customer is unable to receive the parcel in three attempts, then such parcels are sent back to the originator. For resending such parcels, the originator will need to place a new order and pay again.

How to Avoid Evri Parcel Redelivery Scam

Nowadays, fraudsters are sending fake messages about Evri redelivery asking the recipient to rearrange parcel delivery and pay redelivery charges. All such messages are not initiated by Evri and Evri advises the following when a customer receives a fake message.

  1. Don’t Respond: Evri never discloses customers’ personal information like name and mobile number. Moreover, Evri also does not ask for payment via messages. Thus, don’t respond to such messages.
  1. Don’t Click: Usually, such fake messages also contain links. Never click such links. It is advised to delete the message as soon as you receive it.
  • Get Help from Evri Tracking: Whenever you receive such messages, get your parcel tracking number visit the Evri website, and track your parcel. You will get a true picture of your parcel. Also, report such messages to the Evri customer support team.

If you need any further assistance regarding Evri parcel redelivery charges then visit their official website here ( or download their app.

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