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Just Eat Order Marked as Delivered, But You Haven’t Received It: What to Do?

there might be occasions when your order is marked as delivered, but you haven’t received it. In this article, we’ll explore the steps you should take if you find yourself in this situation. And remember, you might be eligible for a refund if your order is delayed.

Double-check your delivery details

Before taking any further action, double-check the delivery details you provided when placing your order. Make sure your address, contact number, and any special delivery instructions were entered correctly. In some cases, a simple mistake or typo could be the reason behind the missing delivery.

Search your surroundings

It’s possible that the delivery driver left your order in a safe place or with a neighbor. Check your front door, mailbox, or any other designated delivery areas on your property. Also, ask your neighbors if they have received your order by mistake or if the driver left it with them for safekeeping.

Contact the restaurant

If you still haven’t found your order, get in touch with the restaurant that prepared it. You can find their contact information on the Just Eat app or website. Explain the situation and provide your order number. The restaurant may be able to track the delivery driver and help locate your missing order.

Reach out to Just Eat customer support

Try the Just Eat Live Chat or send an email to:

If contacting the restaurant doesn’t resolve the issue, reach out to Just Eat’s customer support team. You can do this through the app, by phone, or via email. Provide your order number and explain that your order was marked as delivered, but you haven’t received it.

Just Eat’s customer support will investigate the matter and work with the restaurant to find a solution. This may include redelivering your order, providing a refund, or offering credit for future purchases.

Leave feedback

Regardless of the outcome, it’s essential to leave feedback about your experience on the Just Eat app or website. Your feedback will help Just Eat improve its service and inform other customers about potential issues with the restaurant or delivery service.

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  1. Arkadiusz

    I did not receive the order. The courier went to the wrong address. I told him when he called that the address was wrong and he said he wouldn’t go anywhere and that it was the right address

  2. Leela Flood

    I ordered from Yummie Pizza. They claimed that they came here with the pizza. However, I was sitting outside, with a friend, from 03.00 until 04.00 and nobody came to the door. I called the restaurant and they said the delivery driver had come and then thrown away my pizza. I request a refund for goods not delivered. Thanks and all the best, Leela

  3. Neil Dooley

    I am still waiting for a further response to my complaint that that my order from Asda on 2nd December was not delivered leaving me £37.20 out of pocket. I have informed my bank about this, but I think now is time to contact my bank again to take steps to recover my money. After reading the other comments I will never use just eat again.

  4. Watt

    This has happened to my grandson twice this week ordered food that did not come saying it was delivered. Tried calling them English very bad Tried website no luck no food and losed money

  5. Imoh Ntuk

    My order with order number 50176702 which I ordered on 03/09/2023 at JUST EAT site ( DALLAS CHICKEN MARGATE) was not delivered. It was scheduled to be delivered by 2035 but I waited till about 10pm and it didn’t come. I kept checking the just eat site regularly only to observe that it was written delivered when I did not receive anything. I believe it must have been delivered to wrong address because my address is hard to find. Flat C, 4-5 Market Place, Margate. CT9 1ER. This is the reason I even put my phone number when I placed the order so that the delivery driver can call me to go downstairs to get the food. I was not even called at all. I tried calling Dallas chicken on 01843527584 up to four times but couldn’t reach them. I also tried calling JUST EAT on 03442437777 and 09036946857. I even left messages on the site all to no avail. My whole household consisting of myself, husband, son and granddaughter ended up sleeping starved. My money gone, no food, starved and wasted hours waiting for food that never came. We were left totally frustrated.
    I was finally able to chat with DALLAS CHICKEN staff who advised I write for refunds on the site I placed order. I hereby write for the refund of twenty six pounds thirty eight pence (£26.38) which I spent to order the food that never came. Please refund to this bank account:
    Mrs. Imoh Ntuk
    A/c. No. 0*****
    Sort Code 0*****

    My email address is i*************
    My number is 0*******8
    Thank you
    Imoh Ntuk

  6. Charlene Werner

    I ordered £60 from Burger King yesterday through just eat I was waiting 2 hours and no food came I kept going on the app inbetween those 2 house for the app to say it was updating then it said it has been delivered i contacted Burger King but they said it’s down to just eat and to contact them so i did and struggled in doing so i managed to do a review and send a email explaining my delivered food actually never was delivered and they are refusing to refund me and also have said they can see the time and when the driver was CLOSE by, this is discusting I order from just eat quite a lot if anything is wrong with an order it’s normally missing items I’ve never not had my food not come, it’s so annoying because you pay for delivery so basically I’ve paid a driver to deliver my food and keep it, this is very very bad customer service all i want is my money back £60 is alot of money to just lose

  7. Lara Palmer

    Ordered food at 12:00 today at 13:50 it stayed on the app it was still being picked
    Went on the chat to ask where the order was no answer had a missed call from an unknown number via WhatsApp. It rang twice I immediately called the number back still have it on my call records NA called the restaurant no answer left a message via email to ask for assistance with my order I kept a close eye on the app to see if there was any update still picking at 14:30 and then suddenly it indicated my order was delivered at 13:30 now I’m being charged £28.00 after it said it was delivered and I cancelled at 14:30
    That’s not right I want the so called delivered items or my money back! It’s is absolutely atrocious to treat people this way

    • Kirstylee Birrell

      This is what’s just happened to me tonight and they have took all the money aswell, this isn’t right and something needs done, I want my money back aswell but I can’t seem to get on to live chat or anything to contact them

      • Charlene Werner

        I can’t either the only thing that app helps with is giving you a headache £60 I spent ordering Burger King yesterday for me and my family and was waiting 2 hours for it for the app to say it’s been delivered then to be told today they can see the driver was close by and gave me the exact time they were near so are unable to refund me, they can’t even say they knocked and got no answer because we was all at the front door in the front garden, the delivery driver must of been hungry and sat near my road and ate it I hope those 2 share boxes of chilli cheese bites have kept him glued to the toilet today with the badest belly as well as the 4 meals

        • Emma

          HI I order my food from Mr t’s authentic cuisine and I was waiting 3 hours as I checked my just eat and said it had been delivered i was so confused as no1 had been to my door amd kids was playing on the front garden so i definitely knew no1 had been i did ring in the 3 hours and the women said the food was on its way but yet said delivered didn’t think nothing of it 1 hour later I rang back and the women said it as been delivered I’m so stressed out as ive payed for it and I’ve not had my food that I’ve payed for please can someone help i have rang them and there saying its been delivered i really need help.
          My order number is. 33819389

  8. Angela pound

    I used just eat on Tuesday night my order was saying delivered but I never received my food is called the shop only to be told it was still there but they had no driver, I’ve messaged just eat 5 times and heard nothing I want my money back ASAP

  9. Amy Mclachlan

    My order was marked as delivered and never even got to delivered to my address that’s £20 worth of food I’ve paid for to be delivered to
    Someone else and no one has
    Got in contact with me ! I want my full money back!

  10. Lubna Qureshi

    On Tuesday I ordered from Just Eat the driver could not find my address he rang me I explained guided him but couldn’t find so he took order back, so now I want you to refund my money back, order number is 2027018333

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