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Does Just Eat Accept Cash on Delivery?

Just Eat offers the option for cash on delivery, but with certain conditions and limitations. Here’s a detailed look into this payment option:

Cash on Delivery with Just Eat

  1. Availability Based on Restaurant Policy: Just Eat allows cash as a payment method in some areas, but this is dependent on the individual restaurant’s policy. Not all restaurants on Just Eat accept cash for delivery orders​​.
  2. Visible at Order Placement: When placing an order on Just Eat, customers can see the available payment methods. If a restaurant accepts cash, the option to “Pay Cash on Delivery” will be visible. This feature is particularly convenient for customers who may not have access to online payment methods or prefer to pay with cash​​.
  3. Requirement for Exact Change: It’s important for customers opting to pay in cash to have the exact amount ready at the time of delivery, as drivers may not always carry change. This requirement is a key consideration for those who choose this payment method​​.
  4. Signed-In Account Necessary: To utilize the cash payment option for deliveries, customers must be logged into a signed-in account on Just Eat. This requirement ensures a level of security and accountability for both the customer and the delivery service​​.
  5. Mostly for App Payments: While the cash on delivery option is available, it’s noteworthy that most deliveries on Just Eat require payment through the app. This trend aligns with the growing preference for digital transactions in the food delivery industry​​.
  6. In-Person Collection Orders: For those collecting their orders in person, cash payment is readily available. This option is ideal for customers who prefer to pay at the point of collection rather than pre-paying online​​.

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