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How to Submit a Meter Reading to British Gas?

Submitting a meter reading helps to ensure that your energy bills reflect your actual energy usage rather than estimates. This is particularly important when there are changes in energy rates. For instance, the new Price Cap rates that came into effect on 1st July require customers to provide a meter reading around 30th June to ensure accurate billing. British Gas allows customers to use their online form to submit these readings until the 14th of July.

How to Submit a Meter Reading

If You Have an Online Account

Customers with an online account can easily submit their meter readings to keep their bills accurate. Simply log into your account and follow the prompts to submit your reading.

If You Don’t Have an Online Account

Even without an online account, you can still submit your meter readings. All you need is the name and account number associated with your energy supply. With these details, you can submit your meter readings in just a few clicks

If You’re New to British Gas

New customers are required to provide an opening meter reading to complete the setup of their accounts. This initial reading forms the basis for your future energy bills.

If You Have a Smart Meter

Smart meters automatically send readings to British Gas, so you don’t need to manually submit them. However, if you still wish to give a meter reading, you can do so via the smart meter page.

If You Have a Feed-in Tariff

Customers with a Feed-in Tariff can provide their meter reading by filling out a form on the British Gas website. Alternatively, they can email their reading to

Getting Help with Your Meter

If you need assistance with your meter, British Gas has help and support pages that can guide you through any process. Whether you’re unsure how to read your meter or experiencing issues, these resources can help you.

Switching to a Smart Meter

British Gas offers Smart meters at no extra cost. With a Smart meter, you can say goodbye to manually submitting your meter readings as these devices automatically send your readings to British Gas. Check the availability and eligibility on their website.

If your latest bill is due, British Gas will use this reading to create your bill and let you know once it’s ready. If a bill is not yet due, they will use the meter reading to make sure your next bill reflects your consumption. Your bill will also reflect any price changes which may happen. If they are not able to use your reading, they will be in touch.

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  1. Mr Michael Scoging

    Correcting an incorrectly put in meter reading is incredibly difficult because there is always a lengthy waiting time to contact BG! BG should employ easily reached reps on the phone!!¬!¬

  2. Mr Michael Scoging

    hi electricity meter 219****86 number. Sewage pump
    On the 22nd November i accidently put in the wrong reading on the meter in the dark! The reading should have been 000750 instead of 000630. Please correct my mistake
    My address is ********am P******S.

  3. Ingrid Warnick

    I have made many attempts to speak with someone regarding my postal bill,and to to alert that my gas meter has been tampered at my last reading as it was already opened and I was unable to secure it!!!!! Not able to activate on line as last agent who attempted to do so with me in Oct:this year could not.

  4. Mrs Denise Wood

    Last monday whilst trying to sort out my gas account I gave a reading of 36132. was told to wait a week and give another reading which is 36135

  5. Denise matthewman

    I am trying to submit meter readings on my sisters empty property can you give me the email address please? She is in a care home and the property is in the process of being sold.

  6. Sean Morris

    I have just opened a direct debit account with you and that the details would be emailed to my computer. So far nothing has been received.

    • Wendy phillips

      Have tried ringing you have tried faqs and have tried getting onto live chat just how do i get an answer to my question is ther anybody there or is British gas just a mirage

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