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Hive Thermostat by British Gas: What You Should Know

Hive Active Heating, a leading smart home technology from British Gas, offers homeowners advanced control over their home heating and hot water systems. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Hive thermostat, including its features, installation process, and benefits.

Features of Hive Thermostat

Feature Description
Wi-Fi Connectivity Control via mobile devices
Hive 2.0 Upgrade Enhanced design and usability
Components Thermostat, hub, receiver
Customization Various colors and interchangeable frames

Wi-Fi Connectivity: The Hive thermostat connects to your home Wi-Fi, allowing remote temperature control via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets​​.

Hive 2.0 Upgrade: The updated Hive 2.0 features a new design and enhanced usability, including faster information delivery and improved control response​​.

Components of the Kit: The Hive system comprises the thermostat, a hub that connects to the broadband router for internet access, and a receiver that links the thermostat to the boiler​​.

Customization Options: Hive thermostats come in various colors inspired by Dulux paint, with interchangeable frames for personalization​​.

Installation Process

Booking Installation: British Gas provides a free home appointment to assess suitability and offer a fixed-price quote. Engineers can typically install the thermostat on the same day​​.

Professional Installation: Installation by a professional is recommended to ensure safety and correct functioning. The entire process takes about 90 minutes​​.

Self-Installation Option: For those who prefer self-installation, it is feasible but requires around 30 minutes to complete​​.

Upgrading to Hive 2.0: Existing Hive users can upgrade to Hive 2.0 with a special upgrade kit, without needing to change the existing hub and receiver​​.

Key Benefits of Hive

  1. Remote Control: Control heating and hot water from anywhere in the world using the Hive app on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  2. Energy Savings: Potential savings of up to £150 annually on energy bills through better energy consumption planning and remote control.
  3. High Compatibility: Tested on 95% of boilers with a 100% success rate, making it suitable for boilers even over 15 years old​​.

Hive App Features

  • Heating and Hot Water Control: Adjust settings remotely.
  • Geo-Location: Automatically adjust settings based on your location.
  • Scheduling: Set heating and water schedules.
  • Frost Protection: Uses sensors to detect temperature changes in water pipes.
  • Holiday Mode: Shut down functionality when away for extended periods

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I install the Hive thermostat myself?
    • Yes, self-installation is possible, but professional installation is recommended for safety and functionality.
  2. How long does the Hive installation take?
    • It takes about 90 minutes for professional installation and around 30 minutes for self-installation.
  3. Can I control the Hive thermostat remotely?
    • Yes, the Hive app allows remote control of your heating and hot water from any location.
  4. Is the Hive thermostat compatible with all boilers?
    • Hive is compatible with 95% of boilers and has been tested successfully on a wide range, including older models.
  5. Can I upgrade my existing Hive to Hive 2.0?
    • Yes, there is an upgrade kit available for existing Hive users to switch to Hive 2.0.
  6. Are there any additional costs for the Hive app?
    • The Hive app is included in the package and does not incur additional costs.

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