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British Gas Debt Collection: Process, Your Rights, and Getting Help

Falling behind on your British Gas bills can be a stressful experience. Understanding the debt collection process and knowing your rights as a debtor can help you navigate this situation effectively.

How British Gas Handles Debt Collection:

British Gas employs a two-pronged approach to debt collection:

  1. Internal Debt Collection: Initial attempts to recover debts are handled by British Gas’s internal team. They contact you via phone and letter, urging you to settle the outstanding amount.
  2. External Debt Collection Agencies: If internal attempts fail, British Gas may enlist the help of external agencies like Arvato Financial Solutions and Advantis. These agencies use various strategies to recover debts, including:
    • Sending further letters and emails
    • Making phone calls
    • Applying late payment charges
    • Installing prepayment meters
    • In extreme cases, applying for court warrants to forcibly enter your property and install prepayment meters

Remember, these external agencies operate independently, although contracted by British Gas.

If You Are Struggling to Pay:

If you are facing difficulties settling your British Gas bill, it’s crucial to act proactively and seek help:

  1. Contact British Gas directly: Explain your situation and discuss possible payment arrangements. They might offer a repayment plan, waive late payment fees, or provide other solutions.
  2. Seek assistance from debt advice agencies: Organizations like StepChange and the National Debtline offer free and confidential advice on managing your debts. They can help you negotiate with British Gas and explore alternative solutions.
  3. Be aware of your rights: As a debtor, you have certain rights. These include the right to not be harassed or intimidated, to receive clear information about your debt, and to have a say in how your debt is collected.
  4. Do not ignore the situation: Ignoring debt collection attempts will only exacerbate the issue. Ignoring letters and calls can lead to further action, including prepayment meter installation or court proceedings.

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  1. Chantelle Duncan

    I have had a new boiler and only now managed to get credit on my meter and I had loads of problems doing this. I had credit sent to me but the retailer didn’t know what they haven’t sorted my refund still but I am paying the payment back each month

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