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Sky Glass Returns Policy and Refunds Explained

To return a Sky Glass and get a refund, you can follow these steps:

  1. Contact Sky customer service. You can contact Sky customer service by phone, email, or live chat.
  2. Tell Sky that you want to return your Sky Glass. You will need to provide Sky with your Sky Glass serial number.
  3. Sky will send you a return label. Once you have received the return label, you can pack your Sky Glass and return it to Sky.
  4. Sky will process your refund. Sky will process your refund within 10 working days of receiving your Sky Glass.


  • You can return your Sky Glass for free within 31 days of delivery.
  • After 31 days, you will be charged a £20 restocking fee.
  • You must return all of your Sky Glass accessories, including the remote control, power cord, and stand.
  • If you have a Sky Glass subscription, you will need to cancel your subscription separately.

Here are some additional tips for returning your Sky Glass:

  • Make sure you pack your Sky Glass carefully.
  • Include the return label and all of your Sky Glass accessories.
  • Take a picture of your Sky Glass before you return it. This will help if there are any problems with your refund.
  • If you are returning your Sky Glass by mail, be sure to use a tracked service. This will help you to track your package and ensure that it arrives safely.

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