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Sky Glass Puck: Multiroom Capabilities

Sky has broadened its horizon in the home entertainment sector with the introduction of the Sky Glass Puck. This innovative device complements the Sky Glass TV, enabling viewers to enjoy live and on-demand television across multiple rooms simultaneously.

Sky Glass Multiroom: How It Works

Feature Description Pricing
Sky Glass Multiroom Subscription Access to Sky’s premium TV service across multiple rooms using Sky Pucks. £10/month
Sky Glass Puck Cost One-time cost for each Sky Glass Puck, enabling viewing on additional TVs. £50 per Puck
Sky VIP Member Benefit Special offer for Sky VIP members, receiving their first Puck for free. First Puck free for Sky VIP members
Connectivity Options Options to connect the Puck to the internet either via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
Resolution and Sound Quality Supports 4K Ultra HD resolution, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision.
Compatibility Requires a Sky Glass TV and Sky Ultimate TV subscription. Compatible with any HDMI-enabled TV.
Internet Speed Requirement Recommended minimum internet speed for optimal streaming quality. 15 Mbps (25 Mbps for 4K content)
Installation Easy setup with simple connection to TV and internet, no satellite dish required.
Promotional Offers Periodic promotions and deals, including free Pucks or other incentives. Varies (check Sky’s current promotions)

Expanding Your Viewing Experience

The Sky Glass Puck, a compact and efficient addition to Sky’s product line, facilitates multiroom viewing. With this device, customers can extend their viewing experience to up to six additional rooms. It integrates seamlessly with the main Sky Glass TV via an internet connection, ensuring a continuous entertainment flow throughout the household.

Cost and Subscription

Owning the Sky Glass Multiroom experience involves a monthly payment of £10 for the Whole Home subscription. Each Sky Glass Puck incurs an additional cost of £50. However, Sky VIP members benefit from receiving their first Puck free of charge.

Key Features and Connectivity

The Puck’s standout features include its size, which is significantly smaller than the Sky Q Mini Box, and its resemblance to devices like Apple TV. It supports 4K Ultra HD resolution, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision, providing a premium viewing experience. For optimal performance, it requires a minimum internet speed of 25Mbps. Connectivity options include Ethernet and Wi-Fi, with one-click pairing available for Sky Broadband customers.

Multiroom Specifications

Sky Glass Multiroom Configuration

Sky Glass Multiroom can be activated with the Sky Ultimate TV subscription. It allows for the connection of up to six Pucks, alongside three Sky Glass TVs or four other devices. This expands the Sky experience significantly, catering to different viewing preferences within a household.

The Sky Stream Puck: A Closer Look

The Sky Stream Puck, a palm-sized media streaming box, brings the Sky Glass TV interface to any HDMI-enabled TV. It is important to note that the Puck is dependent on having a Sky Glass TV and a Sky Ultimate TV subscription, as it does not function as a standalone device.

Setting Up Your Sky Stream Puck

Setting up the Puck is straightforward: connect it to an HDMI port on a non-Sky Glass TV, power it on, and connect it to your home network. The device requires an active internet connection and is optimized for a 15 Mbps speed. Although it supports Wi-Fi, an Ethernet connection is recommended for reliability.

Step 1: Unbox and Position Your Puck

  • Begin by unboxing your Sky Glass Puck. Find a suitable location near your secondary TV where the Puck can reside. Ideally, it should be close to the TV and within good range of your Wi-Fi router or an Ethernet port for optimal connectivity.

Step 2: Connect to Your TV

  • Connect the Sky Glass Puck to your TV using the HDMI cable. Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the Puck and the other end into an available HDMI port on your TV.

Step 3: Power Up

  • Plug the power cable into your Puck and then into a power outlet. Switch on the power to begin the setup process.

Step 4: Internet Connectivity

  • You have two options for internet connectivity: Wi-Fi or Ethernet. If you’re using Wi-Fi, select your network from the available options and enter the password. For a wired connection, simply connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the Puck.

Step 5: Sign In to Your Sky Account

  • Once connected to the internet, use the remote provided with the Puck to navigate through the setup process. Sign in to your Sky Ultimate TV account. Remember, the Sky Stream Puck requires an active Sky Glass TV and a Sky Ultimate TV subscription to function.

Step 6: Configure Multiroom Settings

  • If you have the Whole Home Pack, your Puck will automatically integrate with your Sky Glass ecosystem. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your Multiroom settings.

Step 7: Start Streaming

  • After the setup is complete, you can start streaming content. The Puck allows you to access all Sky Glass channels, including on-demand TV, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Sky Originals, and over 100 other channels.

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