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Do You Need an Aerial for Sky Glass?

Sky Glass operates primarily via internet streaming, offering a seamless and comprehensive viewing experience. This means that even if you do not have a working TV aerial at your home, you can still enjoy the full range of services that Sky Glass provides.

Interestingly, Sky Glass does feature an aerial socket. However, this might cause some confusion among potential users. If the device operates via internet streaming, what is the purpose of the aerial socket?

The aerial socket on Sky Glass serves as a sort of fallback or contingency plan. In the event that your internet connection goes down, the aerial socket can be used to receive over-the-air broadcast signals. However, under normal circumstances, when your internet connection is stable, there is no need to use an aerial. The Sky Glass device is designed to offer the full Sky experience without the need for an aerial connection.

If you’re facing issues with getting your aerial to work, check out the troubleshooting tips.

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