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What to Do If an Item Is Missing from Your Shein Order?

If you’ve received a Shein order and found that an item is missing, it’s natural to be concerned and unsure about the next steps. However, you can take several actions to address this issue, and Shein’s customer service is generally responsive and supportive. Here’s a guide on what you should do:

Step 1: Start with Tracking Information

Mistakes can happen, and most companies, including Shein, have policies and procedures in place to handle such situations. Before you contact Shein, ensure that you have all the necessary information at your disposal. This includes your order number, the name or description of the missing item, and any other relevant details from your order confirmation. You can track your orders on this page

Step 2: Contact Shein Customer Support

You can reach out to Shein customer support in various ways. One option is to start a live chat with Shein’s customer service via their website or app. Make sure to stay active in the chat window, as it may close after five minutes of inactivity.

You can also contact Shein through their Facebook account. Some customers have reported getting a faster response through this method.

Step 3: Report the Missing Item

When you’re in touch with Shein’s customer service, report your issue clearly and concisely. You can say something like, “I received my order, but it is missing an item.” Provide them with the order number and details of the missing item.

Step 4: Follow the Instructions

Shein customer service should guide you through the process once you’ve reported the missing item. They might ask for additional information or evidence, such as a photo of the package you received. Ensure you follow their instructions promptly and carefully.

Step 5: Wait for a Response

After reporting your issue, wait for a response from Shein. They may investigate the situation, and this might take a little time. They might send the missing item or offer you a refund, depending on the situation.


It’s crucial to contact Shein as soon as you realize an item is missing. The sooner you report the issue, the sooner it can be resolved. And remember, always keep a record of your interactions with Shein’s customer service, as this could be useful if there are any complications.

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  1. Siphokazi Mthembu

    I received my order but there is a missing item.

    Order number: GS******238
    missing item: sz********49 SHEIN Essnce Striped Pattern Mock Neck Sweater

  2. Hani brhane

    I ordered 23 item’s….. it arrived well thank you but i have missing report from thoes ordered pijamas got lost how can that be???? I want solution

  3. Lu nyakama

    My order number is GSHN8R25X00M5DB

    I’m missing an items from my order and its has been impossible to get an answer or to fix this issue, it’s frustrating knowing that I waited over two weeks for the package and I have to deal with this, I doubt I’ll use shein again after this.

  4. Sara Jones

    Order number GSON8L07W00MBVW
    only received one item out of four ordered – missing Tropical Print Joggers, Women Solid Crew Socks and Snakeskin Cut Out Slide Sandals – only item that has been delivered is Allover Print Batwing Sleeve Dress – yet your customer service chatbot keeps telling me the order has been delivered/ is complete.

  5. B S

    Tried to contact SHEIN about missing items and kept getting a chat bot; no help at all. They just kept writing to contact logistics provider but won’t offer resolution to missing items (like refund on missing items or replacing). Useless customer service!

  6. Rachel

    Missing items from my order impossible to contact shein and Clearpay want to pass the buck
    Retailer: SHEIN UK
    Clearpay order number: 400327434871 Merchant order
    number: CGE230717024131108867
    Total £39.46 GBP Click here to view a copy of the Clearpay

  7. Nicole

    I’m missing items from my order and its has been impossible to get a answer or fix to this issue unbelievably doubt I use shein again after this

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