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What to Do If Your Revolut Card Is Stolen?

If your Revolut card is stolen, you should take the following steps:

  1. Freeze or Block the Card: You can freeze or unfreeze your card instantly in the ‘Cards’ section of the Revolut app or on their website. If you need to block your card, you can call their automated phone line at +44 20 3322 8352.
  2. Contact Revolut Support: Reach out to Revolut’s customer support through the in-app chat feature or by emailing them at Explain the situation and provide any necessary details.
  3. Report the Incident to the Police: If you believe you’ve been a victim of theft, it’s important to report the incident to your local law enforcement agency.
  4. Monitor Your Account: Keep an eye on your account for any unauthorized transactions. If you see any, contact Revolut immediately.

Remember, it’s crucial to act quickly when you realize your card has been stolen to prevent any unauthorized use.

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