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What Does “Advised” Mean on Parcelforce Tracking?

When expecting a package sent through Parcelforce, you might come across the tracking status “Advised.” Here’s a simplified explanation of what this status means.

Understanding “Advised” Status:

The “Advised” status pops up on your Parcelforce tracking when:

  1. Information Received:
    • Parcelforce has been told about a package that’s set to be shipped but hasn’t picked it up yet​1​.
  2. Waiting for Collection:
    • Your package is waiting to be collected by Parcelforce from the sender’s address​1​.
  3. Tracking Number Assigned:
    • A tracking number is given to your package, but Parcelforce hasn’t scanned it into their system yet.
  4. Ready for Next Step:
    • Once Parcelforce picks up and scans your package, the status will change from “Advised” to “In Progress.”

What to Do:

  • No action is needed from your end. Just keep an eye on the tracking updates.
  • If “Advised” status stays for a long time (like 2 weeks), you might want to contact Parcelforce for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: How long does the “Advised” status usually last?
    • A: The “Advised” status duration can vary. It should change once Parcelforce collects the package. However, if it lasts for an unusually long time like 2 weeks, it’s wise to contact Parcelforce for an update.
  • Q: What should I do if the “Advised” status doesn’t change?
    • A: If the “Advised” status remains unchanged for a significant time, contacting Parcelforce for more information is a good step.
  • Q: Is there a way to expedite the process from “Advised” to “In Progress”?
    • A: Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to speed up this process as it depends on Parcelforce’s operational timelines.
  • Q: Will I be notified when the status changes from “Advised” to “In Progress”?
    • A: You may not receive a notification, but you can regularly check the tracking updates on Parcelforce’s website or contact their customer service for updates.
  • Q: Can I contact Parcelforce directly to inquire about the “Advised” status?
    • A: Yes, you can contact Parcelforce’s customer service for more information regarding the “Advised” status of your package.
  • Q: Does the “Advised” status mean my package could be lost?
    • A: No, the “Advised” status merely indicates that Parcelforce has been informed about the package but hasn’t collected it yet. It doesn’t imply that the package is lost.

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