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Revised Custom Charges Status: A Guide

Seeing ‘Custom Charge Raised’ when tracking a parcel can be confusing if you’re not familiar with how customs charges work. This guide will explain what this phrase means and what to expect when you see it on your Parcelforce or Royal Mail tracking update.

What Does ‘Custom Charge Raised’ Mean?

When you see ‘Custom Charge Raised’ on your tracking update, it means that customs has calculated the VAT (Value Added Tax) and possibly other fees on your imported goods. This is a heads-up that you’ll need to pay some charges before you can get your parcel.

How Parcelforce and Royal Mail Handle Customs Charges

  1. Parcelforce:
    • Parcelforce will send you a bill for the VAT and an admin fee, which can be up to £12 if it’s for Saturday delivery. You’ll need to pay this bill to get your parcel delivered.
  2. Royal Mail:
    • Royal Mail will send you a grey card that tells you about the admin fee of £8 and the VAT bill. Once you pay these charges, your parcel will be on its way to you.

Different Phrases in Tracking Updates

  • You might see phrases like ‘Awaiting customs charge’ or ‘Customs charge raised’ on your tracking update.
  • While they might look different, they both mean that customs has looked at your parcel and figured out the charges.

Knowing what ‘Custom Charge Raised’ means and what to do next will make the process of getting your international parcels smoother. This simple guide aims to help you understand and handle customs charges with Parcelforce and Royal Mail, so you know what to expect and what to do.

Common Questions:

  • What should I do when I see ‘Custom Charge Raised’ on my tracking?
    • Wait for a bill from Parcelforce or a grey card from Royal Mail to know how much you need to pay, and then make sure to pay these charges to get your parcel.
  • Is there a difference between ‘Awaiting customs charge’ and ‘Custom Charge Raised’?
    • Not really, they both mean that customs has assessed the charges, but ‘Custom Charge Raised’ means they are now letting you know about these charges.
  • Can I dispute the customs charge?
    • If you think there’s a mistake with the charges, you can contact Parcelforce or Royal Mail customer service with proof like your purchase receipt to sort it out.

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