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What to Do If You’re Missing an Item From Your Just Eat Order

Here’s what you can do to resolve the issue.

  1. Check Your Order Confirmation

The first step is to check your order confirmation. This will list all the items you ordered, as well as any special instructions or requests. Compare this to what you received to see if anything is missing.

  1. Contact the Restaurant

If you’re missing an item, the first thing you should do is contact the restaurant where you placed your order. Most restaurants will be happy to rectify the situation and provide the missing item. You can usually find the restaurant’s contact information on the Just Eat website or app.

  1. Contact Just Eat Customer Support

If you’re unable to reach the restaurant or they’re unable to help you, the next step is to contact Just Eat customer support. They’ll be able to assist you in resolving the issue and may be able to provide a refund or credit if necessary.

  1. Leave Feedback

After the issue has been resolved, you may want to leave feedback for the restaurant. This will help them improve their service and ensure that other customers don’t experience the same issue in the future.

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  1. Eilyad

    Hi. I ordered the food form KFC and they didn’t send me my chicken and i asked the just customers service then they said we will check it then refund it but now after 2 weeks still I’m waiting for them to give me my money back. I spent money for nothing.

  2. Michelle

    I did not receive my cigarettes from one stop durkar so I
    Phoned them up and someone called Demi said to phone you to get a refund for the. Item …. She said that I get my refund from just eat even tho she did not pack them! Not happy I want my refund because I’ve been charged and have no cigarettes

  3. Linda Hamilton

    I ordered double mc plant and cheese burger deluxe bag was ripped open and mc plant burger was gone . Happened time before to.

  4. Ann Meechan

    I ordered a delivery from McDonald’s today 16th October order number 8******2 I payed £14.94 by card to just eat and a double cheese burger was missing from the order, I went to Airdrie McDonald’s Lanarkshire hoping to pick it up and they wouldn’t give me it, I was told to contact youse.

  5. Tania Arnett

    order number: 20*****87 but just eat emailed me with order number 20******60, i have requested a refund on one bottle of jam shed red wine and two coconut water drinks for the sum of £13.40… please look at why order numbers are different ??? this is not the first time i have had missing items from Asda Bloxwich so maybe this needs looking into in more detail but i refuse to be told no refund for items i have not received when just eat are providing a totally different order number

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