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What to Do If Just Eat Delivers Wrong Items to You?

Mistakes can happen, and there may be times when you receive a delivery that doesn’t match your order. Don’t worry; this article will provide a step-by-step guide on what to do if Just Eat delivers the wrong items to you.

Contact the restaurant

If you’re certain that the restaurant sent the wrong items, contact them directly. You can find their contact information on the Just Eat app or website. Explain the situation politely and provide the necessary details like your order number, items you received, and items you ordered.

In most cases, the restaurant will take responsibility for the mistake and offer a solution. They may send you the correct items or provide a refund or credit for the incorrect items.

Reach out to Just Eat customer support

Try the Just Eat Live Chat or send an email to:

If the restaurant is unresponsive or unwilling to resolve the issue, contact Just Eat’s customer support. You can do this through the app, by phone, or via email or live chat. Be prepared to provide your order number and details about the incorrect items.

Just Eat’s customer support team will investigate the issue and work with the restaurant to find a suitable resolution. This may include a refund, a credit, or resending the correct items.

Leave feedback

Whether the issue was resolved satisfactorily or not, it’s essential to leave feedback about your experience. This can be done through the Just Eat app or website. Providing feedback not only helps Just Eat improve their service, but it also informs other customers about the quality of the restaurant’s service.

Know your rights

As a consumer, you have rights when it comes to receiving incorrect items. According to consumer protection laws, you are entitled to a refund or replacement if the goods you receive don’t match the description or don’t meet satisfactory quality standards. In cases where the restaurant or Just Eat fail to provide a suitable resolution, consider seeking advice from consumer rights organizations. Try contacting a consumer rights expert here.

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  1. Caroline

    Received wrong delivery, rang KFC said it wasn’t there problem. Had to reorder and wait another 1.5hr , really annoying. Why can’t the driver ask for your name which is shown on the ticket to avoid a loss. I don’t even know if we’ll get money back 🙁

  2. michelle Fitzgerald

    Absolutely disgusting behaviour, single mother to special needs child, Xmas week and you are refusing to refund money taken for a service not provided!!! Basically saying that even if you spend €100’s if a driver delivers a €1 hamburger and runs, if he marks “DELIVERED” then you don’t see why you should give the money back??? Because he marked “DELIVERED” and its irrelevant what the customer says..

  3. Laur

    I ordered McDonald on just eat last night. Delivery driver delivered completely wrong order causing me to reorder my food and paying almost double what I should have. As they delivered wrong order I could still track driver, once they delivered next order they drove back past my house to press delivered. I stood outside in the hope that they would stop and sort it out but no. I did a refund/accout credit request and was declined. I then did an online live chat to talk to a human which I was then told that it cannot be changed.
    I’ve now not only wasted someone else’s food but have lost money that was paid originally.

  4. Laurel Hale

    I placed an order with just eat last night for a McDonalds. The order I received was not the order I placed. I tried calling the restaurant but no answer so I drove with the food to the restaurant. I asked to see the manager and explained and showed my order I placed and what had arrived. She wasn’t interested and said it wasn’t her problem and I should take photos and contact just eat directly. I took photos and the manager asked if I wanted the food to which I said no and left it there. I went home and contacted just eat. I was asked to send in photographic evidence which I did. Today I have received an email from just eat advising they will not offer a credit or refund as there is not enough evidence. My order was nothing like the order that arrived and I want my money back. Both McDonald’s and just eat are washing their hands of this and I’m nearly £27 out of pocket.

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