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Debenhams Refunds: What to Do if You Haven’t Received It

Debenhams offers a 28-day return policy for most items. This means that you can return an item for a refund within 28 days of purchase. However, there are a few exceptions to this policy, such as for items that have been worn or damaged. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do if you haven’t received your Debenhams refund yet.

1. Check the Refund Policy

Before taking any further steps, ensure you’re familiar with Debenhams’ refund policy. Most retailers have a set period (e.g., 14 or 30 days) within which they process refunds. If this period hasn’t elapsed since your return, it might be worth waiting a few more days.

Item Return Policy
Most items Can be returned for a refund within 28 days of purchase.
Sale items Can be returned for a refund within 14 days of purchase.
Personalized items Cannot be returned or exchanged.
Underwear and swimwear Cannot be returned or exchanged unless they are defective.
Food and beauty products Cannot be returned or exchanged.

2. Contact Debenhams Customer Service

If the refund period has passed and you still haven’t received your money:

4. Check with Your Bank

Sometimes, delays can occur on the bank’s end. It’s worth contacting your bank or credit card provider to see if they have any record of a pending refund or if there have been any issues.

5. Consider Chargeback

If you’ve paid with a credit or debit card and there’s no sign of your refund, you might be able to request a chargeback. This is where your card provider reverses the transaction, effectively getting your money back. There are specific conditions and timeframes for this, so check with your bank or card provider.

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  1. Raginee Virasami

    I have returned 2 items but has not been refunded; also I have been charged for items I have not received.
    I have the receipts for proof of posting for the 2 items i have return.

  2. Sayani Halder

    I haven’t received my refund,
    order number DUX011481020
    I have returned through Evri, and when I track the tracking number PS824042, it shows already returned

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