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ASOS Clearpay: Buy Now, Pay Later in the UK

This article delves into how Clearpay integrates with ASOS’s online platform, offering a seamless shopping experience for customers in the UK.

Can You Use Clearpay at ASOS?

Yes, you can use Clearpay at ASOS. This partnership allows customers in the UK to enjoy the flexibility of buying now and paying later, making it easier to manage finances while shopping for their favorite fashion items.

What You Should Know about Clearpay at ASOS

  • Interest-Free Payments: Shop now and enjoy your purchases immediately, paying off the cost in four fortnightly installments without any interest​​.
  • Automatic Instalments: Payments are scheduled in 4 automatic installments every two weeks​​.
  • Late Fees: A £6 late fee is imposed for each delayed installment, increasing by an additional £6 if it remains unpaid after 7 days. Late fees are capped at £6 for orders under £24 and the lower of £24 or 25% of the order value for orders over £24​​.

How to Use Clearpay on ASOS

  1. Select at Checkout: Opt for Clearpay as your payment method at ASOS’s checkout.
  2. Account Login: If you have a Clearpay account, log in to finalize your purchase.
  3. Instalment Schedule: Adhere to the predetermined installment schedule.

ASOS’s BNPL Options

ASOS offers a variety of BNPL services, such as Zilch, Klarna, Clearpay, and PayPal Pay in 3, ensuring that customers have multiple choices for their convenience​​.

You Commonly Asked

  1. Q: Is Clearpay available on all ASOS products?
    • A: Clearpay can be used for most products on ASOS, but there might be exceptions based on specific criteria or product categories.
  2. Q: Can anyone use Clearpay at ASOS?
    • A: Clearpay is available to ASOS customers in the UK. Users must have a Clearpay account to use this service.
  3. Q: What happens if I miss a payment with Clearpay?
    • A: Missing a payment incurs a £6 late fee, which can increase if the payment remains overdue.
  4. Q: Are there any interest charges with Clearpay?
    • A: Clearpay offers interest-free instalments, but late fees apply for missed payments.
  5. Q: How do returns work with Clearpay purchases at ASOS?
    • A: For returns, ASOS processes the refund, and the amount is adjusted against your outstanding Clearpay balance.

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