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Adding Your National Trust Card to Apple Wallet

Digital Membership Status:

Currently, the National Trust doesn’t support adding its membership card to Apple Wallet. Members need to carry the physical card.

While the direct Apple Wallet integration is missing, the National Trust app compensates with a variety of features tailored for its members:

The National Trust app, available for iPhone, offers a range of features to enhance your membership experience:

  1. Discover Nearby Properties: With the app, you can easily locate National Trust properties in your vicinity, making spontaneous visits more feasible.
  2. Booking Made Easy: Whether it’s a special event, workshop, or activity, you can book your tickets directly through the app, ensuring you never miss out on exclusive member events.
  3. Access Your Membership Details: Forget sifting through emails or logging into websites. Your membership details, including expiration dates and types, are readily available within the app.
  4. Seamless Navigation: If you’re traveling to a new National Trust property, the app provides directions, ensuring you reach your destination without any hitches.

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