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Adding Waterstones Card to Apple Wallet

Although a direct integration of the Waterstones card with Apple Wallet isn’t available, Waterstones offers an alternative solution through its mobile application.

Downloading the Waterstones App:

Waterstones has developed a proprietary app available for both Android and iPhone users. By downloading the Waterstones app, individuals can swiftly join the Waterstones Plus membership, browse through a vast collection of books, check stock availability in local stores, and monitor their Plus balance. Additionally, the app provides a barcode feature for collecting and redeeming stamps in stores, making it a handy tool for avid readers​​. Download from the link below:

Waterstones App as an Alternative to Apple Wallet Integration:

While the direct addition of a Waterstones card to Apple Wallet may not be a feature, the Waterstones app serves as a valuable alternative. It securely stores membership details and allows easy access to loyalty points and other membership perks right from the phone, mimicking the convenience offered by Apple Wallet.

Question and Answer:

Can I add my Waterstones card directly to my Apple Wallet?
There isn’t a direct method available to add a Waterstones card to Apple Wallet. However, downloading the Waterstones app on your iPhone allows you to access your membership details and loyalty points, acting as a useful alternative.

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