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Understanding the ‘Bumped’ Feature on Vinted

Vinted, a widely-used selling platform, offers a unique feature known as ‘Item Bump’ to enhance the visibility of listings. This article delves into what ‘bumped’ means on Vinted and how it can benefit sellers.

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What is Item Bump on Vinted?

Item Bump is a premium service designed to increase the visibility of listings. When activated, a ‘bumped’ post is more prominently displayed to potential buyers on their catalog search results and news feed. This service is tailored based on user preferences, such as clothing sizes, types, and brands, ensuring that your listings are seen by relevant buyers.

Cost and Benefits of Bumping Items

Bumping an item on Vinted comes at a fee. For example, a three-day bump costs around £0.95, including tax. This investment can be particularly effective for sellers looking to quickly move used clothes or other items. The service is not transferable between items or sellers, and its effectiveness depends on adherence to Vinted’s catalog rules.

How to Buy a Bump

Purchasing this feature is straightforward:

  1. Open your profile.
  2. Press the ‘Bump’ button beneath the chosen item or select ‘Bump your items’ for multiple listings.
  3. Add items using the ‘+’ sign.
  4. Proceed to the checkout and choose a payment method.

The Impact of Bumping

While bumping can enhance visibility and potential sales, the overall success also relies on factors like item quality, photos, and pricing. It’s a tool that, when combined with effective selling strategies, can significantly increase your sales on Vinted.

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