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What to Do If Your Shein Order Hasn’t Arrived?

If your Shein package has not been delivered, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Double-check your Tracking Details: First, check the tracking status of the consignment from within the dashboard of your Shein customer account. On the Shein website, log into your account and click on “My Orders” from the main menu. You will then see the list of your latest purchases along with a link to “Track Order Details“. If the tracking status shows that the item is delayed at a carrier facility or has entered customs clearance and remained there, you may need to carry out steps to help get the shipment moving again.
  2. Making a Claim: If you believe your Shein package has not been delivered and is lost, you will need to contact Shein to make a claim. Before you contact Shein, take a screenshot of the tracking update chain. The Shein website states that if your package has not been delivered or your tracking information shows that your package has been delivered but you have not received it, you must contact Customer Service to verify within 45 days of the order date. When you begin the process of making a claim, select “Create a Ticket” from the customer support chat page. Send the details of your shipment, including the screenshot you took of the tracking alert chain.
  3. Next Steps: The normal response when customer services get in touch is that the claim has been filed and they will look into the shipment. If the consignment can be located, it should be moving toward delivery as soon as possible. If the shipment cannot be found and enough time has passed since the original order date, your account will be refunded for the full amount of the order.

Shein’s policy on undelivered items states that if Shein (and by default, the carrier used for delivery) is unable to ship the order within the stated amount of time or your package is missing, then the full value will be refunded to the customer’s Shein account, (as store credit) or back to the original payment account

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  1. Angela Kane

    I have two orders not received there supposed to be coming from China but it’s been nearly three months and haven’t heard a thing they sent a ring what I did not order but where are the clothes.

  2. Annabelle Sellers

    I’m still waiting on part of my order 2 items have come but still waiting on the rest of the order I have ordered since n received those this is not on as its all been paid for

  3. Thanh

    I don’t know where is my package, they already taken money in my account but I can’t contact them, no phone number and no response. This is a scam company and I would like to FBI work on this

  4. K.Van Helden

    I have contacted Royal Mail and they gave me this reference number I made a complaint about the item being left unattended at my door not in a protected place. They said that I need to report it to SHEIN too. Needless to say upon my arrival home in the evening the parcel was gone. Presumably, stolen. I asked my neighbours none of them were home either, when the parcel was left at my doorstep according to the Royal mail tracking. Shein are basically saying it is delivered. Not to me. Why would you leave goods in a un safe location and especially visible to opportunists.

  5. Val

    I ordered several things from Shien. Money has been taken from my account. Part of the order was delivered. The other part has not been received. My account has been wiped. Not sure if Shien has technical issues. Its been had toreach Shien. Still haven’t been able to. The customer service option is a bot. Not a real person. In effect no response from Shien. No email confirmation to confir delivery, issues purchase. I sent a copy of the postage of the first delivery to their legal team as there is no other way. The service and after care from Shien us shoddy and unhelpful. I’m shocked to the core and will never use or recommend them to anyone.

  6. Mary O Sullivan

    I placed an order 26/6/23 and I am still waiting for it to be delivered. Tracking says it has been delivered but it hasn’t been delivered to me. The money for my order has been taken out of my account. I have tried contacting Shein by email but to no avail. I would like my money back if I can’t have delivery

  7. Maria James

    I ordered few items from shein suppose to receive on 16/8/2023 .l am tracking my package always showing it postponed to future

  8. Amber Blandford

    I am missing 6 outfits out of my order for my sons back to school clothes. I have been trying to contact shein to have it fixed but cant even get a response an there is no number to call them Shein you are stsrtimg8to seem like a scam company thst takes people money knowing we cant get in touch with you. How dare you!! I want my $110 back now.

  9. Myriame Metelus

    My package from shein was delivered however the courier service that they had used which is DHL delivered the package to the wrong address. It’s been over a month and when I contact DHL , they say that I should go check my neighbours when the package delivery address is in Fort Lauderdale and they deliver it in Miami. I need

  10. Nilva Prouse

    I havw bought a drea from your website Uk. 23or 26 of May still haven’t received. Mase many complaints on the website but they gave me no option o cancel my order, it keeps saying the same thing is with the currier etc..

  11. Shayma ali

    I made an order on 23/7/2023
    Till now I didn’t receive it
    I’m going to travel next week
    Please send it urgently or make cash back..

  12. Spiwe Nyakunu

    Hie. I have been waiting for my Shein order for weeks now. I can’t make another order before I receive the first. The delivery company is failing to locate my order and its frustrating. I made orders with other sites twice after this order and I have received them all. The Shein one is still on the way. I’m just not happy

  13. Mary Love

    I still have received my package ordered 28th May but got an email giving a voucher imprints to use as it was delayed. Never used voucher which has now expired and still no delivery. Tracking says with courier but not dispatched!!!

  14. zodwa

    i ordered clothes at shein and paid on the 2nd june i haven’t received email or tracking numbers i have order number only didn’t receive my things pks help i’m done depressed

  15. Lynn Vaughn West

    921*********2 this is the tracking number for my order # GS************HL. I should have received this order by 6-25-23 and as of today, 6-29-23, I still have not reciprocated it and the tracking will not update. It just keeps saying that it arrived at Englehard, NC at 9:08 on 6-26-23 and it hasn’t been updated since! I want my package as it was a gift for my daughter!

  16. Chloe Rackley

    I haven’t received my package items are no longer needed I would like a refund could someone please contact me


    I ordered some ladies white shoes from Shein June 15th. The money for£16-50 was then taken out of my a/c the same day 5th June. I have not had any confirmation of my order and when I try to track it, it says I have no order. How come they have taken the money for the shoes and they say I have not got an order. Will you investigate this and let me know what is happening. If they are not sending the shoes, I would like my money refunded.

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