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Understanding “Inward MC” in Royal Mail Tracking

Understanding "Inward MC" in Royal Mail Tracking

When tracking a mail item through Royal Mail, you might come across the term “Inward MC” alongside a location. This indicator signifies the arrival of your mail at a Royal Mail Mailing Centre (MC), where it gets its first scan before proceeding to sorting and dispatching towards its destination​.

Unpacking “Inward MC”

Mailing Centre Versus Regional Distribution Centre

A Royal Mail Mailing Centre (MC) differs from a Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) as it caters to local areas instead of broader regional zones. With 37 mailing centres spread across the UK, a mail item typically transits through an MC post-dispatch from an RDC, moving onward to a smaller delivery office. This local office is where your mail carrier collects daily deliveries for distribution​.

Post “Inward MC” Tracking Update

Upon the “Inward MC” update, your mail item enters the sorting phase at the MC, aligning with other items destined for the same delivery office. Post sorting, it’s loaded onto a Royal Mail delivery truck bound for the designated delivery office. On leaving the MC, an “Outward MC” alert may trigger, although this depends on the tracking level of your shipment. Once at the delivery office, final delivery typically occurs the following business day​​.

When Tracking Halts at “Inward MC”

Occasionally, tracking may stall at the “Inward MC” stage, usually due to delays within the MC, which could arise from technical glitches, staffing issues, or mis-scanning. If tracking remains unchanged post three business days, it’s advisable to contact Royal Mail for clarification.


  1. What does “Inward MC” indicate in Royal Mail tracking?
    • “Inward MC” denotes your mail item’s arrival at a Royal Mail Mailing Centre, marking its entry for further processing.
  2. What happens post the “Inward MC” alert?
    • Your mail item gets sorted, aligning with others heading to the same delivery office, followed by dispatch on a Royal Mail delivery truck.
  3. What if my tracking remains at “Inward MC” for days?
    • Delays might occur, but if unchanged post three business days, contact Royal Mail to ascertain the cause.
  4. Will I receive further tracking updates post “Inward MC”?
    • Yes, typically an “Outward MC” alert may trigger as your item exits the MC, depending on your shipment’s tracking level, with final delivery tracking updates following.

In essence, the “Inward MC” alert is a standard Royal Mail tracking update, reassuring customers of their mail item’s progressive journey towards its destination.

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