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Understanding “Arrived at Linehaul Office” in AliExpress Shipments

When ordering from AliExpress, you might encounter a tracking update stating, “Arrived at Linehaul Office”. This update is crucial in understanding where your package is in the delivery process and what to expect next.

Understanding the “Arrived at Linehaul Office” Status This status means your package has been transferred to the service responsible for overseas transportation, which could be an airline or a cargo ship. In essence, it indicates your package is prepped for dispatch overseas.

Package Location at This Stage When you receive this update, your package has cleared customs and is with the line-haul operator, ready to be loaded onto the chosen mode of transportation (aircraft or cargo ship).

Time Before Departure from Origin Country The duration your package stays at this point varies. For instance, AliExpress Standard Shipping, which can take 2-6 weeks, might involve a longer wait if transported by ship. On the other hand, premium services like ePacket, which take about 1-2 weeks, tend to dispatch packages via air more rapidly, often within a couple of days post the line-haul update.

Different Carriers, Different Terms Different carriers might use slightly varied terminology for similar updates. “Accepted for Linehaul Transportation” and “Received by Line-haul” are other updates that essentially convey the same meaning as “Arrived at Linehaul Office”.

Delays and What to Do If your package seems stuck on this update, it’s important to understand the nature of international shipping. Sea-bound shipments could take several weeks, while air freight may also have delays before the next status update. For prolonged delays, contacting the seller after about 30 days is advisable, especially to keep track of the 60-day buyer protection period on AliExpress.

Understanding “Line-haul Departure” Some logistics services issue a “line-haul departure” alert, indicating the package has left the country of origin, whether by ship or airplane.

Line-haul Charges These charges are included in the total shipping fee you paid on AliExpress. They cover various aspects of delivery, including the line haul, postal services in the origin and destination countries, and last-mile carrier fees.

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