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Does One Call Insurance Cover Accidental Damage?

One Call Insurance, a well-known UK insurance provider, offers a range of insurance products and services. But does their coverage include accidental damage? In this article, we’ll explore the types of policies offered by One Call Insurance and discuss whether they provide coverage for accidental damage.

Accidental Damage Coverage in One Call Insurance Policies:

Car Insurance

One Call Insurance offers comprehensive car insurance policies, which typically include coverage for accidental damage. This means that if you accidentally damage your car, either in a collision or through other means, your policy may cover the cost of repairs or replacement, depending on the policy’s terms and conditions. It’s essential to read your policy documents carefully to understand the extent of coverage and any exclusions that may apply. Or connect to an agent via their live chat.

Home Insurance

Home insurance policies from One Call Insurance come in various levels of coverage, including buildings, contents, and combined buildings and contents insurance. Accidental damage coverage may be included in some policies, while others may offer it as an optional add-on at an additional cost. This coverage can protect you from the financial impact of accidents that occur within your home, such as a broken window or damaged furniture. Be sure to review the policy’s details to confirm whether accidental damage is included or available as an add-on.


In summary, One Call Insurance does offer accidental damage coverage depending on the type of policy and the level of coverage you choose. It’s vital to review your policy documents and discuss any concerns or questions with a One Call Insurance representative to ensure you have the appropriate coverage for your needs. By understanding the extent of your policy’s accidental damage protection, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared for life’s unexpected accidents.

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