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Adding Drivers to Your One Call Insurance Policy

If you’re thinking of adding an additional driver to your One Call Insurance policy, here’s what you need to know:

1. Why Add Extra Drivers to Your One Call Insurance Policy?

There are several reasons you might consider adding an extra driver:

  • Shared Vehicle Use: If multiple family members use the same vehicle, it’s practical to have all drivers listed on the policy.
  • Temporary Use: Perhaps a friend or relative needs to use your car for a short period.
  • Young Drivers: Parents often add their teenage children to their policy when they start driving.

2. The Additional Driver Bonus Builder:

One Call Insurance offers a unique feature called the “Additional Driver Bonus Builder.” This allows named drivers to accumulate their own No Claims Bonus while being an additional driver on someone else’s policy. When they decide to take out their own policy with One Call Insurance, they can benefit from the No Claims Bonus they’ve built up.

3. Impact on Premiums:

Adding an extra driver can affect your insurance premiums. The impact largely depends on the additional driver’s age, driving history, and experience:

  • Young Drivers: Adding a young or inexperienced driver can increase premiums due to their higher risk profile.
  • Experienced Drivers: Adding a driver with a clean driving record might have a minimal impact on the premium.

4. Process of Adding an Extra Driver:

  • Contact One Call Insurance: Inform them about the new driver.
  • Provide Necessary Details: This includes the additional driver’s name, age, driving history, and any other relevant information.
  • Review Policy Changes: One Call Insurance will adjust your policy accordingly, which might include a change in premiums.

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