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Additional Driver Bonus Builder One Call Insurance

One Call Insurance offers a range of services and provisions for its policyholders, and one of the notable features is the “Additional Driver Bonus Builder.” Here’s what you need to know:

1. Additional Driver Bonus Builder:

  • Eligibility: The Additional Driver Bonus Builder can only be utilized on a One Call Insurance private motor vehicle policy after two previous motor insurance policies with One Call Insurance.
  • Non-transferability: The benefit cannot be transferred to other companies.
  • No Claims Bonus (NCB): Renewal documentation will only show the amount of NCB the policyholder has earned, excluding any NCB acquired by an additional driver under the Bonus Builder scheme.
  • Claims Impact: Regardless of whether the policyholder or other additional drivers have made a claim against the policy, the bonus is calculated based on the individual’s personal driving history.
  • Usage of NCB: The additional driver can claim their NCB gained through this scheme when becoming a policyholder with One Call Insurance. However, it’s restricted to that policy only and cannot be used elsewhere.
  • Age Requirement: The additional named driver must be over the age of 25. They qualify for the named driver No Claims Bonus from the age of 26.
  • Legal Considerations: The additional named driver under the policy should not have any pending prosecutions or convictions (both for motoring offences or unspent general criminal offences).

2. Alterations to Your Policy:

  • Notification Requirement: Policyholders must inform One Call Insurance about any changes to their circumstances immediately. This includes changes in drivers.
  • Charges: Alterations to the policy, including changes in drivers, may result in a charge of £39.00 or £24.00 if the change is made through the customer portal. This is in addition to any provider charges or refunds.
  • Limitations: The insurance policy may limit the number of changes you can make within the policy dates. In such cases, additional charges may apply, or the policy might need to be cancelled and replaced.

3. How to Make Changes:

To make any alterations to your policy, including adding drivers, you can visit the One Call Insurance Customer Portal or use their live chat service. If the new details provided do not meet the criteria of the insurance provider, One Call Insurance will attempt to find another provider to cover you.

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