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Haven’t Received Your Love Holidays Confirmation Email?

No Confirmation Email from Love Holidays

After your holiday has been successfully booked, you will receive an email confirmation from Loveholidays. This email will include your unique booking reference (beginning with ‘LOV’) and important documents related to your reservation. The delivery time of this email may vary, ranging from a few minutes to a few days, depending on the promptness of their confirmation process for specific aspects of your booking.

A confirmation email is essential as it provides proof that your booking has been accepted and gives you important details such as your reservation number, dates, and payment information. If you haven’t received a confirmation email from Love Holidays, don’t panic. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Check your spam/junk folder: Sometimes, confirmation emails can end up in your spam or junk folder. It’s always a good idea to check these folders before assuming that you haven’t received an email. If you find the email in your spam or junk folder, make sure to mark it as ‘not spam’ to ensure future emails from the company end up in your inbox.
  2. Contact the company through live chat: If you have checked your spam/junk folder and still haven’t received the confirmation email, it’s time to contact the company. Make sure to have any relevant details, such as your email address, and payment card details at hand to help the customer service representative locate your booking.
  3. Check your payment details: If you have made a payment and haven’t received a confirmation email, it’s important to check your payment details to ensure that the payment has been processed. If the payment has been processed, it’s likely that your booking has been accepted, and the confirmation email may have been delayed. If the payment has not been deducted from your bank account, you will have to rebook.

In case you have misspelled your email when booking with Love Holidays, or in case you do not have access to the email you booked with, you need to directly call Love Holidays to get your contact details changed. This is crucial as you may not receive essential communication, such as your booking confirmation or itinerary.

Love Holidays Phone Number: 01234 230 440, available from 9am to 8pm every day of the week.

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    I’ve booked a holiday to romania for 18th November. Please help me in gaining my booking reference and confirmation. It’s Phoebe Bond. The money has came out of my account, but i have received no emails. Please help me

  2. Chloe

    Hiya, I’ve recently booked a holiday for my parents, I haven’t received my confirmation email. Order number; 2*********PU. I’ve waited a week or so. Should I be worried?

  3. janet

    Hi i am due to leave in a week and i have no received a booking confirmation my last payment was taken a few days ago and every-time i called they asked for a reference which i did not have and had no help please get back to me asap.
    thank you

  4. Hollie Flynn

    Hi I have booked a holiday and not received my confirmation booking ref but when I tried to ring it said that I had booked. My order Reg is 2308IeKDYGHD

  5. alan williams

    hi.i booked a holiday six days ago,i have received no confirmation, the deposit was taken straight away,the booking code is GBRYGEJV thanks alan.

  6. Alex penman

    My name is Alex penman I’ve made a booking reference 2307GB2PDCHB and haven’t received any emails so unable to get into manage my booking and no one answers your phone . This is totally unacceptable to run a business whereby it is not possible to communicate. Pls get back to me or call me I need to know if the trip is confirmed and see details

  7. Chloe Burton

    Hi my names Chloe Burton I have booked a holiday for me and my boyfriend Jake smith but I can’t access my emails for my reference number as I have lost my phone and can’t access them. I’m needing to speak to someone as soon as possible please I am using his email currently if you can reply through that email

  8. Michelle Dyer

    I have not received my booking confirmation. I booked my holiday on Thursday, so well over the 72hrs now. Please can someone contact me ASAP

  9. Teresa Grady

    I have not received a confirmation email but the deposit has been taken from my account. I have no confirmation number? Cant get to speak to anyone only a robot.

  10. diane burnham

    i haven’t received my confirmation email, or my booking reference, this is causing me great distress, the money has been paid in full and we start our holiday on 17th July? can someone please call or email me asap please?

    • Live Chat Directory Team

      Hello Diane,
      Please check your spam folder if your booking confirmation email hasn’t landed in your inbox. If you can’t find your booking confirmation email, it may be because your booking is still pending.

  11. diane burnham

    i have received my confirmation email with my booking reference? i have tried calling and cannot get to speak to anyone! can someone call me asap please

  12. michael hill


    i booked my holiday with you 3 weeks ago and still haven’t recieved my confirmation email.

    i have tried contacting you however it seems that because i have an existing booking it will not proceed to put me through. i have no reference number to enable me to manage my booking online and am very concerned considering the money has been taken from my account.

    i would really appreciate my confirmation email being sent and an explanation as to why this hasn’t happened, despite your system stating i would receive it within 72 hours?

  13. Matt Abbott

    I’m going away in just over a months time and I’m unable to obtain my booking reference, I can’t get hold of you to resolve and I’m unable to speak on a live chat to anybody without this please can you look into and resolve

  14. Millie Thomas

    I have not received a booking confirmation after booking my holiday 3 weeks ago and my deposit has come out of my account please email it to

  15. Matthew white

    I have no booking reference or confirmation email I can’t get in touch with you it’s a joke please contact me before I take this further


    Ref: LOV5547958U

    I am not receiving my confirmation email and this is causing me great distress.

    Could you please send confirmation to my alternative email address: L******

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