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Understanding the Hastings Direct Black Box Rules

Hastings Direct blackbox summary

Hastings Direct Blackbox policy is a type of telematics car insurance that uses a small device, called a black box, to track your driving behavior. The black box records data such as your speed, acceleration, braking, and cornering. This data is then used to calculate your insurance premium.

The main benefit of a Hastings Direct Blackbox policy is that you can potentially get a lower insurance premium if you are a safe driver. This is because the black box can show that you are a safe driver by recording your good driving habits.

Here’s a breakdown of the key things you need to know about the Hastings Direct black box rules:

  1. The black box device must be installed within 14 days of the policy start date. The tab will be sent to you via post.
  2. The black box device must remain fitted to your car for the duration of the policy. If you need to remove it, you must contact Hastings Direct.
  3. It typically takes around 7 days for the device to arrive. To install the Tab, simply affix it to the inside of your windscreen, preferably in the top left-hand corner (or right-hand side for left-hand drive vehicles). Alternatively, you may place it on your dashboard, provided that it does not impede your view while driving.
  4. The black box will monitor your driving behavior, including your speed, acceleration, braking, and cornering. The data collected will be used to calculate your premiums.
  5. Hastings Direct will provide you with regular feedback on your driving via an online dashboard (the YouDrive mobile application). This will highlight areas where you can improve your driving and potentially reduce your premiums.
  6. You could benefit from lower premiums if you consistently drive safely and responsibly. However, if the black box detects unsafe or reckless driving, your premiums could increase.
  7. Hastings Direct may also impose a curfew on your policy which restricts when you can drive. This is often between the hours of 11 pm and 5 am, as this is when most accidents involving young drivers occur. **
  8. If you breach any of the black box rules, Hastings Direct may impose penalties, such as increasing your premiums or canceling your policy.

** As of now, there are no curfews for black-box policies with Hastings Direct (YouDrive)

Learn how to request a replacement battery for your BlackBox.

Overall, black box insurance can be an option for young or inexperienced drivers who want to save money on their car insurance. By following the rules and guidelines of the Hastings Direct black box policy, you can potentially reduce your premiums and become a safer, more responsible driver.

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  1. Deborah Wheeler

    We are unable to connect to the tab with Bluetooth. It never shows as an option when scanning. We hold the tab button until a solid red light as soon as we let go it goes out. We have followed all instructions and turned on all permissions. What is the tab called what should we be looking for in our Bluetooth list.

  2. Lilli-Beth Riches

    Hi there, I am looking to get a new car as my current one has been written off (not my fault), and i still have until Dec 2024 left on my policy. However i was wondering if there’s any chance I could do this but not having the black box on my vehicle and just pay the extra money? or would I have to do it through the app by amending my policy and keep the blackbox?
    My score is being affected a lot by cornering, however the roads I drive on daily are sharp corners.

  3. Andrew Netting

    My daughter has her own policy on her car and I have my own car under a different policy , I’m allowed to drive other vehicles with the owners consent so if I take her car out whilst she is at work and there is no Bluetooth connection will this affect her black box score

  4. Julie Cogan

    My son has had his Hastings insurance policy cancelled on the basis Hastings couldn’t collect enough data from the black box fitted. This is despite the fact he informed Hastings he would be out of the country not driving for a few months. Is there anything he can do to get his insurance reinstated? Thanks

  5. Sue Beale

    Hi, I am the policy holder but my son (18), is a named driver, and he will be using the car quite a lot. It looks like only I need to download the app and link it to the black box. Is that right? Or will it show up that he is driving the car quite a lot and is not being recorded? Thanks

  6. andrew smith

    My son seems to think turning Bluetooth off when he drives stops data from being gathered, effectively cheating the black box, is this true?

    • Live Chat Directory Team

      Hello Andrew,

      The YouDrive policy states that you need to have your location, Bluetooth, and motion sensor permissions turned on and set to allow always for the Hastings Direct App to record your driving data automatically. It’s important to follow the instructions provided by the app to ensure accurate recording of your driving data.

  7. Chloe

    I have installed the YouDrive app and have already been marked down on my driving score due to ‘phone usage’. This phone usage was due to using maps to get to a destination. This is an essential part of driving, why should I be penalised for using maps on my phone while driving.

    Please can you clarify the specifics of ‘phone usage’ terms.

    How does YouDrive determine that it is the driver using the phone and not a passenger?
    How can you answer phone calls on hands free?
    How can you use maps without being penalised?

    • Anonymous

      Hi. I am currently with hastings direct youdrive. I have been away for 3 days now and I won’t be returning to the UK until next Saturday. How long can I go without a trip being recorded?

    • Live Chat Directory Team

      Hello Shej,

      Yes, the YouDrive score can increase after a week or so of good driving. The driving score is based on your driving behavior over time, so if you consistently demonstrate good driving habits, your score can improve. However, please note that the score may take up to 24 hours to refresh, so you may not see an immediate change after each trip.

      Live Chat Directory Team

  8. Steve

    I am interested to know what Hasting response is if a driver falls below 30 once but his/her scores as a rule sit somewhere between 60 to 95. Based on reviews across the internet it would appear that a lot of polices run the risk of being canceled and a bit like doing the stock market with a lot stacked against the holder of the policy. Insurance companies talk about scams but it appears this is a big scam in itself. People would need to do further research before talking a policy from Hastings as they could be left high and dry.

    • Live Chat Directory Team

      Hello Steve,

      If a driver’s YouDrive score falls below 30, there are a number of actions that may be taken. Some customers may be offered the option to pay more to remain on cover, while others may be advised that their policy is due to be canceled. In both cases, customers will be given the ability to cancel their policy with no cancellation fee before the policy is canceled by Hastings Direct.

      The specific details of each individual case would be communicated to the customer directly. If you have further concerns or questions, it would be best to contact Hastings Direct’s customer service for more information.

      Hope this helps.
      Live Chat Directory Team

      • Steve

        Hello Team

        Thanks for your response but what has been suggested has clearly not happened in this case I am sorry to say. After speaking with someone and after finding out how your box works it was clear to see what had happened. I tried to explain this to the person on the call whom could clearly see the information I was speaking about but did have to speak to some other department to obtain this information. I was getting nowhere with this call and on listening back on the call confirmed this, This was despite them receiving two conflicting letters and two emails. It is certainly very disappointing that as a insurance company you choose to cancel a policy of a other wise good driver based on his current trends and the previous insurance that they had prior to taking this one out. I can accept that there may be issue with some drivers but it appears that in this case there was a very clear reason as to why a score was low which the person I was speaking to could see and accepted was a perfectly valid reason as to why the score was such and in no way would suggest any form of bad driving. The result for a low score in this case was in your own processes and not the drivers. Looking at the current reviews there appears to be some questions that have not been answered and I appear not to be alone on this. This issue was the topic of a morning show on a local radio station not that long ago were certain insurance companies names appeared. I fully accept that you base your decisions on the results you receive from these somewhat cheap questionable units that are built to a price but are by no means a reflection as what is really happening in some cases and in my particular case highlights this very clearly but you still choose to cancel a policy.

  9. Jack Rose

    The YouDrive system is a scam. I’ve been driving for 13 years, 300,000 miles in cars and multiple types of bike on ALL terrain and road types. First 3 trips with a YouDrive TAB and all of a sudden I’m braking hard everywhere, and cornering hard! Hard braking is roughly a 7-10mph drop in 1 second. I brake slowly, almost brake dragging, and I’m doing about 10mph to 0 in 2 seconds, yet it’s still hard braking! I could literally lose my insurance plan at this point.

  10. Brett Page

    My insurance commenced on 17th August 2023 and then Hastings cancelled my policy on 29th August as I did not install the black box device. Is it correct that you have 14 days to install from the start of your policy? If this is the case then they have cancelled less than 14 days

  11. Jon

    I am the main policy holder (49 years old) my son is a named driver, I use a company vehicle most of the time and will only use the car with box fitted occasionally , as the main policy holder the black box is only relevant to me where as my son may use the car more frequently than me, should he use the black box instead of me?

  12. Alex

    I just installed my youdrive black box device today, i use my phone to connect to bluetooth to play music through my car and leave my phone in the centre console whilst driving but to skip songs i use my steering wheel and do not touch my phone , my driving score is at 56 due to the fact the ‘phone usage’ score is on low?? does this mean i can’t play music from my phone to my car ?

    • Lisa Winstanley

      I’ve just installed my driving tab and noticed that when I play my music through Spotify it’s says phone usage aswell it looks like your using your phone when driving

  13. Ryan

    I am looking to get the YouDrive tab because my daughter will be a named driver on the policy via a provisional licence while practicing for her test. Clearly her driving won’t be perfect (practicing emergency stops etc) so how will the app know that it’s not the main driver doing this?
    You said in a reply above “So, the named drivers will not be scored, and are not required to download the app.” but how will the app know it’s not the main driver who is actually driving?

    • Live Chat Directory Team

      Hey Ryan,

      The app uses Bluetooth technology to detect the connection between your phone and the car’s Bluetooth system. This helps the app determine if you are the one driving the vehicle. If you are a passenger in your own vehicle (while your daughter is driving), you’ll need to select the passenger option in the app.

      Hope this helps.

      • Ryan

        That does help, thanks.

        Lastly, given I’m the ripe old age of 46 and my daughter is only a named driver – if the named driver doesn’t affect the YouDrive scores/stats, why does the policy need YouDrive? If I remove my daughter from the quote then the YouDrive policy doesn’t seem to be an option at all (at least not on the first 110 policies that comparethemarket displays).

        I know you probably can’t answer this, but I’m intrigued.

        Thanks again.

        • Live Chat Directory Team

          Based on the YouDrive documents, while named drivers may not have their own individual scores, their driving behavior can still impact the overall price of the policy.

          The data collected through YouDrive helps insurers assess the risk associated with the policy and adjust the price accordingly. It also allows for the use of driving data to protect against fraudulent claims in the event of an accident. So, even though named drivers may not have their own scores, the YouDrive feature still serves a purpose in evaluating and pricing the policy.

  14. John Mcalinn

    my black box has only worked for a few days, upon checking my driving in the app, it has not showed up most of the trips, i have tried to establish the link again , when i get the page telling me welcome back, its asking for a code, now several times later im still not getting any emails with the code, while im pressing the send code button on my phone it keeps saying try again what is going on.

    • Live Chat Directory Team

      Hello again John,

      If you haven’t received your code, it’s best to check your spam folder in case it was filtered there. If you still can’t find it, you can contact Hastings Direct’s customer service.

      • John mcalinn

        Apparently after charging my phone overnight it worked, i only had 15% charge left., maybe an idea to look into this and provide this as a solution . Pending your findings of course

          • Tkr alva

            Why does the Hastings YouDrive score change when Bluetooth is disconnected? My daughter arrived home, checked her score, then 90 minutes later, when we went out again the score had dropped by 7 points, during a time she was sat on a sofa.
            Also, youdrive does not seem to like country road driving, as braking score dropped dramatic as a result of driving on country roads where speeds of national speed limit of 60mph (usually drive at about 50mph) can drop to 30mph, or tight bends due to farmers fields mean that speed has to be reduced, even if no sign indicated.
            It seems youdrive doesn’t like the country roads.

            As such my daughter is considering cancelling insurance and paying deposit of £1.5k for a standard insurance, just because the app is behaving erratically.

  15. Gareth Nesbitt

    Hello. My son is using a BlackBox device for his first year of driving. If for some reason it was not activated while he was driving and he had an accident will the insurance policy still cover him?

  16. John Mcalinn

    im the owner and policy holder and have my daughter as a named driver due to me being 67 ,i require her to do a good share of the driving , ie hospital visits and recreational time, i have the app on my phone ,does she have to have the app downloaded.

    • Live Chat Directory Team

      Hello M,

      If your YouDrive tab is faulty, Hastings Direct will contact you to arrange a replacement for free. But if you lost the tab or damaged it, you’ll be charged £20 for a replacement and to get your replacement tab, you’ll need to get in touch with their customer service.

      LiveChatDirectory Team

  17. Sam

    Hi, is the policy required to have their Bluetooth and location on at all time. This kills the battery life, also how does work if the named driver also drives the vehicle. What if the names driver, breaks to hard but not the policy Holder. It’s not fair if the policy holder be penalised for the other drivers. Please can you provide more clarification

    • Live Chat Directory Team

      Hello Sam,

      While it is true that having Bluetooth on all the time can consume more battery, it is necessary for the Hastings Direct App to record your driving data automatically.

      Based on the YouDrive policy document, If a named driver on the policy brakes too hard, it may affect the driving score for that journey and could potentially impact the overall driving score for the policy. However, if the primary policyholder was not driving the car at the time, they would not be held responsible for the named driver’s actions.

      Hope this helps.

  18. Pete

    My daughter 1st insurance Hasting Direct telematics is due for renewal and she has Been awarded 1 years no claims discount, i can’t see no claims protection option in her renewal. Would she have to call to add it to the new policy

    Many thanks Pete

  19. C Blanchard

    My son’s has just started with Hastings, after a year with no issues with Ticker. He fitted the black box yesterday and his score went down to 50 after just a return journey to college, with issues with his acceleration and breaking ! He’s gone back to college today, really worried about it. Could it be a faulty box? Will his score likely to go back up?

  20. Leonardo

    I am a named driver, not main policy holder. Does the blackbox collect data about my driving as well? I do not have the app downloaded.

    • Live Chat Directory Team

      Hello Leonardo,

      The YouDrive tab gathers various data points regarding your driving, such as acceleration and speed. It is important to note that this data will not be factored into the primary driver’s overall score if you’re not using the YouDrive app as a named driver. Nevertheless, it is a requirement of your policy to share your driving data with Hastings Direct through the YouDrive Tab.

  21. Dean P

    If I insure my car with a blackbox and my dad has it on his traders policy can he unplug the blackbox when he wants to drive it or must he have it on aswell

    • Live Chat Directory Team

      Hey Dean,

      In the event that your father is listed as a named driver on your policy, there would be no need to remove the YouDrive Tab when he operates the vehicle. However, we recommend that you get in touch with Hastings Direct customer service for a more thorough assessment of your specific case.

    • Live Chat Directory Team

      Hey Gavin,

      This is from the You Drive policy terms sheet:
      “It is not a requirement that any named drivers (second drivers) on your Policy use the App, but use by the main
      Policy Holder is a key part of the terms of the Hastings Direct YouDrive Policy. ”
      So, the named drivers will not be scored, and are not required to download the app.

      We do recommend contacting Hastings Direct via their live chat if you’re still unsure.

      Have a great day.

  22. Gregg

    I’ve set everything up and went for a 20 miles trip and I am on a 100 score. My question is, do I really need to keep the Bluetooth and location (GPS) on my phone switched on at all times even when not driving? My issue is that I am one of those people who almost never switches them on because they drain the battery so fast. I don’t mind switching them on while in the car and driving, but it seem absurd that you would want us to always have it on.

      • Simon Gibbs

        Hi, under what circumstances would a curfew be imposed, my son is likely to do factory work which will finish at midnight so a curfew wouldn’t work, we would want to know before taking out a policy

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