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Phone Usage in Hastings Direct YouDrive Policy

What Constitutes Phone Usage?

Under the YouDrive policy, phone usage is a critical factor that influences your driving score. The policy specifically monitors high-risk phone usage while driving. This includes any interaction with your phone that can distract you from driving. The Hastings Direct App is designed to detect when your phone is being used while the car is being driven. These activities include:

  1. Texting: Sending or reading text messages.
  2. Calling: Making or receiving phone calls, whether handheld or hands-free.
  3. Browsing: Using any internet services, including browsing websites or using social media.
  4. App Usage: Interacting with any apps, including navigation apps, music streaming, or games.
  5. Video Playback: Watching videos or using video call features.
  6. Emailing: Reading or composing emails.

Importance of Driving Score

Your driving score is a crucial element of the YouDrive policy. It ranges from 0-100, and you are required to maintain a score above 30. Phone usage while driving can significantly lower this score, which may lead to policy cancellation or increased premiums.

Compliance and Policy Terms

  • Mandatory App Usage: The primary policyholder must use the Hastings Direct App on every drive.
  • Passenger Status: If you are a passenger in your car, select the “passenger status” in the app to avoid false data recording.
  • Data Sharing: Sharing driving data through the app and Tab is a condition of the policy.

FAQs on Phone Usage in YouDrive Policy

  1. What counts as phone usage under the YouDrive policy? High-risk activities like texting, calling, or app usage while driving are considered phone usage.
  2. How does phone usage affect my driving score? Engaging in phone usage while driving can lower your driving score, impacting your policy terms and premiums.
  3. Can I use my phone if I am not driving but still in the car? Yes, but ensure to select the “passenger status” in the Hastings Direct App to avoid misinterpretation of data.
  4. What happens if my driving score drops due to phone usage? A low driving score can lead to policy cancellation or an increase in insurance premiums.
  5. Is it mandatory to use the Hastings Direct App on every drive? Yes, for the primary policyholder, it is mandatory to use the app on every drive to record accurate driving data.

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