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Understanding Multi Car Insurance Policy with Hastings Direct

Hastings Direct offers a comprehensive solution with its Multi Car Insurance Policy. This policy is designed to simplify insuring multiple cars, making it a convenient choice for families or individuals with more than one vehicle.

Entering into a Multi Car Insurance Policy

When you take out a Multi Car Insurance Policy with Hastings Direct, you enter into a single contract. The policyholder, who is covered by a Multi-Car Account, is responsible for providing the personal data for each car under the policy.

Key Requirements for Policyholders

  • The policyholder must live at the same address as the Account Holder.
  • The cars included under the Multi Car Account must be registered to the same address.

Renewal Process and Policy Management

The renewal notice for the policy is sent to the Account Holder, and the renewal terms are based on the most recent information provided. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep all details accurate and up-to-date.

Policyholder Rights and Responsibilities

  • The policyholder has the right to cancel their own policy covered by the Multi Car Account.
  • They can make claims under their policy on their own behalf and on behalf of any named drivers on their policy.

Benefits of the Multi-Car Insurance Policy

One of the key benefits of the Multi Car Insurance Policy is that each policyholder earns their own no-claims discount. This means that each driver’s good driving record is recognized individually, which can lead to significant savings on premiums.

Uniformity of Coverage Period

All policies covered under a Multi-Car Account have the same period of cover, including renewal dates. This makes managing the policies more straightforward as all renewals occur at the same time.

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