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When Should You Get Admiral Temporary Insurance?

Admiral Temporary Insurance

If you’re an existing Admiral Car Insurance customer, you might occasionally find yourself in situations where your standard insurance policy isn’t quite enough. For these scenarios, Admiral offers a Temporary Car Insurance option designed to meet your short-term needs.

When is Admiral Temporary Insurance Beneficial?

1. Borrowing a Car

Planning a weekend getaway and considering borrowing a car from a friend or family member? Temporary insurance provides you with comprehensive coverage for this brief period, protecting you against any unexpected incidents during your trip.

2. Transporting Large Items

If you need to move heavy or bulky items and require a larger vehicle than your own, temporary insurance can offer the necessary coverage. This allows you to drive another vehicle with peace of mind, knowing that you’re fully insured for this short period.

3. Temporary Use of a Family Member’s Car

If your car is in the repair shop, you might need to use a family member’s vehicle temporarily. In this situation, Admiral’s temporary insurance is an excellent option to ensure you’re covered while driving the borrowed vehicle.

4. Transition Periods

When buying or selling a car, there might be a transition period where your primary vehicle is changing. Temporary insurance offers a flexible solution during this period, providing coverage for your new car until your annual policy takes over.

Other Scenarios

Aside from these situations, Admiral’s Temporary Car Insurance also comes in handy when:

  • A provisional licence holder needs to practice driving. The policy allows you to temporarily add a learner driver to your existing policy.
  • You need coverage for business use. Admiral Temporary Car Insurance can include coverage for business use, offering protection during short-term business trips or meetings.

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