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Adding a Temporary Driver to Your Admiral Policy

admiral temporary driver

Who Can Drive My Car?

Admiral’s policy stipulates that only those listed under section 5 of your Certificate of Motor Insurance are covered to drive your vehicle. This includes the policyholder and any additional drivers specified in your policy. For an Admiral Single Car policy, you can insure up to four drivers, including the policyholder. For a MultiCar Insurance policy, up to six additional drivers per car can be added, including the policyholder.

Can I Drive Someone Else’s Car?

If you’re the policyholder and aged 25 or over, Admiral might provide third-party cover for you to drive another person’s car. However, age alone doesn’t guarantee this privilege. Always refer to sections 5 and 6 of your Certificate of Motor Insurance to confirm. This third-party cover is intended for emergencies. If you frequently use another person’s car, consider being added to their policy as a named driver.

Adding Your Son or Daughter to Your Policy

Yes, you can add your child as an additional driver. However, there might be restrictions based on the car type and the age of the young driver, along with an additional fee. If your child is learning to drive and needs practice in your car, consider Veygo by Admiral’s Learner Driver Insurance. This short-term, comprehensive cover can be added to a parent or family member’s main insurance policy, ranging from two hours to 90 days, without affecting the owner’s No Claims Bonus.

What If a Named Driver Has an Accident in My Car?

If an accident occurs in your car, report the claim immediately. If the accident is the fault of one of your additional drivers, it will affect your No Claims Bonus upon policy renewal. Both you and the driver must declare the claim for future insurance quotes.

Borrowing or Lending a Car: Should You Add an Additional Driver?

If a friend or family member wishes to borrow your car for a few days, you have the option to add them as an additional driver. However, any claims they make will impact your No Claims Bonus. For short-term borrowing, from one hour to 30 days, consider Veygo by Admiral’s Car Sharing Insurance. This comprehensive cover ensures that any claims made won’t affect the car owner’s No Claims Bonus.

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