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Admiral Windscreen Cover: What You Need to Know

admiral windscreen cover

What is Admiral’s Windscreen Cover Excess?

Admiral’s windscreen cover includes repair and replacement for a single chip or crack on your windscreen, subject to an excess of £25. If the damage is more extensive, such as a large crack or a hole, you will need to pay an excess of £115 for a replacement windscreen.

How Does Admiral’s Windscreen Cover Work?

To make a claim for windscreen damage under Admiral’s insurance, you will need to contact Admiral and provide details of the damage. Admiral will then arrange for the damage to be repaired or replaced by a local approved repairer. Admiral will also collect the excess payment from you.

Does Making a Claim for Windscreen Damage Affect My No-Claims Bonus?

No, making a claim for windscreen damage will not affect your no-claims bonus. This is because windscreen damage is considered to be an “at-fault” claim, meaning that you are not at fault for the damage.

What Are the Other Terms and Conditions of Admiral’s Windscreen Cover?

The following are some of the other terms and conditions of Admiral’s windscreen cover:

  • The cover is only valid for your own car. If you damage a rental car, you will need to claim through the rental company’s insurance.
  • The cover does not apply to damage caused by deliberate acts, such as vandalism or theft.
  • The cover does not apply to damage caused by extreme weather conditions, such as hail or a fallen tree.

How Can I Get More Information About Admiral’s Windscreen Cover?

For more information about Admiral’s windscreen cover, you can visit the Admiral website or contact Admiral customer service.


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