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Why Has My Zilch Limit Gone Down?

zilch limit down

If you’ve recently noticed that your Zilch limit has gone down, you may be wondering why this has happened. In this article, we’ll explore the factors that can impact your Zilch limit and what you can do to maintain or increase it. To maintain or increase your limit, it’s important to make your payments on time, use your account responsibly, and keep your credit score in good standing.


One of the primary factors that can affect your Zilch limit is your creditworthiness. When you first apply for a Zilch account, the company will run a credit check to assess your credit history, income, and other factors that can impact your ability to repay the loan. If you have a strong credit history and a stable income, you may be approved for a higher credit limit. However, if your credit history is poor or you have a high level of debt, you may be approved for a lower limit.

Zilch may also periodically review your credit history and financial situation to assess your creditworthiness. If your credit score has gone down or you’ve experienced a change in your financial situation, Zilch may adjust your credit limit accordingly.

Payment History

Your payment history is another important factor that can impact your Zilch limit. If you’ve missed payments or made late payments on your Zilch account or other credit accounts, your credit score may have been negatively impacted, which could result in a lower Zilch limit.

To maintain a good payment history, it’s important to make your payments on time and in full. If you’re having trouble making your payments, contact Zilch’s customer support to discuss your options.

Account Usage

Finally, your Zilch limit can also be impacted by your account usage. If you’ve been using your Zilch account frequently and have reached your credit limit or have been carrying a high balance, Zilch may lower your limit to reduce its risk exposure.

To maintain your Zilch limit, it’s important to use your account responsibly. Only use your Zilch account for purchases that you can afford to pay back, and try to keep your balance low to avoid reaching your credit limit.

How to Fix it?

To fix or increase your credit limit with Zilch or any other credit company, start by checking your credit report for errors or inaccuracies that could be affecting your credit score. Once you’ve identified any issues, take steps to address them, such as disputing errors or paying down debt. You can also try making your payments on time and keeping your credit utilization low to show responsible credit behavior. Additionally, if you’ve had a change in income or creditworthiness, consider contacting Zilch’s customer support to discuss the possibility of a credit limit increase.

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