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Paying for Flights with Zilch

Zilch card can be used for any online purchase where Mastercard is accepted. This means you can book flights, provided the airline’s website accepts Mastercard. However, the availability of Zilch for flight bookings may depend on:

  1. Retailer Acceptance: The website of the airline or travel agency must accept Mastercard.
  2. Credit Limit: Zilch assigns credit limits based on the user’s creditworthiness. This limit could affect your ability to pay for more expensive flights.
  3. Location: Zilch, being a UK-based company, primarily caters to the UK market, and the service’s availability may vary in other countries.
  4. Updates in Zilch’s Policies: Changes in Zilch’s policies or operating procedures could affect the ability to use the service for flight bookings

Two Ways to Pay with Zilch

Zilch offers two primary ways to make payments:

  1. Pay in 1: Users can pay in full and earn up to 5% back in Zilch Rewards. There is also an added benefit of receiving 0.5% back in Zilch Rewards when you use Zilch Anywhere and Tap and Pay in-store.
  2. Pay in 4: Users can split the cost into four payments over six weeks. This method is ideal for more significant purchases, or if a little extra time is needed. Though thousands of online stores on the Zilch app offer zero fees, a small fee applies when using Pay in 4 elsewhere.

Advantages of Using Zilch for Flight Payments

  1. Flexibility: Zilch allows users to split the cost of flights, making expensive flights more manageable.
  2. Ease of Use: Zilch provides a seamless user experience for online purchases.
  3. No Interest or Fees: Zilch does not charge interest or late fees for timely payments, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional credit cards.
  4. Rewards: With the Pay in 1 option, users can earn up to 5% back in Zilch Rewards.
  5. Universal Acceptance

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