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Can I Use Zilch to Pay for Petrol?


The answer is yes. Zilch can be used at retailers that accept MasterCard, including petrol stations such as BP, Esso, and Shell. The payment can be made in-store using Apple Pay or Google Pay, with no additional fees involved, and there’s no need to inform the cashier that Zilch is being used as the payment method. The process is similar to using a regular debit or credit card with either mobile payment service.

Before you go to a petrol station, on your Zilch homepage, simply select Zilch Anywhere and you’ll be able to see the maximum amount you can spend in-store.

If you’re facing any problems paying with your Zilch card, try contacting the live chat service.

It’s important to note that all transactions processed through Pay in 4 will be deducted from the Zilch Credit Limit, so ensuring there are enough funds available is crucial. Any amount spent over the limit will be billed at checkout, and the Zilch Boost feature can be turned off to avoid this. Once the payment process has been set up and Zilch Boost has been adjusted, Zilch can be used to pay for petrol using Apple Pay or Google Pay. It’s essential to have enough funds on the debit card to cover the first installment, which is 25% of the total loan value, or the payment will be declined.

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