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Can I Pay Rent with Zilch?

Zilch can be used anywhere online where Mastercard is accepted. Therefore, if your landlord or property management company allows rent payments online through a platform that accepts Mastercard, you should technically be able to pay your rent with Zilch. However, there might be some restrictions depending on the service, as Zilch lists certain items and services where you can’t use them.

Here are the categories of goods, digital content, and services where you can’t use Zilch, according to the information provided:

  1. Adult products and content
  2. Alcohol
  3. Cash advances
  4. Credit card and loan payments
  5. Coins or precious metals
  6. Foreign currency
  7. Gambling
  8. Gaming
  9. Gift cards (Outside of Gift Cards By Zilch)
  10. Illegal items and activities
  11. Money transferring services
  12. Narcotics and drugs, including paraphernalia
  13. Virtual currency, including cryptocurrency
  14. Vouchers
  15. Weapons, including parts and accessories

If your rent payment system doesn’t fall into those categories, then you could potentially use Zilch to pay. But you should definitely check with Zilch’s customer service or your landlord/property management company to confirm this before attempting to make a payment. It’s always crucial to ensure any payment method you’re using is in compliance with your rental agreement to avoid any potential issues.

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