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How to Make a Claim with Zego Insurance?

Here are the steps you need to follow to make a claim with Zego Insurance:

  1. Immediate steps after an incident: Ensure everyone involved is safe and contact emergency services if necessary. Collect the following information regardless of how minor the incident may seem:
    • The circumstances of the incident: what happened?
    • The location of the incident: where did it happen?
    • The number of people involved in the incident, including any passengers.
    • Photos of the incident​
  2. Details from others involved: Also collect the following details from anyone else involved in the incident:
    • Their registration plate.
    • Their name.
    • Their contact details.
    • Their insurance details​
  3. Contact your insurer: After gathering the necessary information, contact your insurer as soon as possible. The contact details for your insurer are provided in your Zego policy booklet. If you don’t report a claim promptly, you might unintentionally violate the terms of your policy and potentially increase your policy premium​
  4. Reporting the incident: The next steps will depend on whether you admit that you were at fault for the incident. If you admit fault, the claims handlers will take over your claim and only contact you if they need further details. If not, they will proceed to arrange the payout of the claim​
  5. Disputes over liability: If both you and the other party deny full responsibility for the incident, a team of experts will collect as much evidence as possible to determine liability. That’s why it’s crucial to collect as much information as possible at the time of the incident. This team will decide how much each party is responsible and determine the percentage of the cost that should be paid by each individual involved​
  6. Attending court: If liability cannot be determined or if the claim cannot be resolved, it may go to court. In this case, you may need to attend court to have your case heard. If you have legal expenses insurance, it can provide additional protection covering costs not included in your motor policy, such as solicitor fees​
  7. Impact on No Claims Discount (NCD): The effect of an incident on your NCD will depend on several factors, primarily whether you were at fault. If you are not at fault, any claims you need to make will typically be covered by the other party’s policy, meaning you can maintain your NCD. To mitigate the risk of losing your NCD, you could consider purchasing No Claims Discount protection. Zego’s NCD protection covers up to 5 years NCD from up to 1 fault claim and you are eligible for this once you have at least 3 years NCD​

If you have any questions or need assistance with a claim, you can get in touch with Zego through their live chat They are available 7 days a week​

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