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Wilko Live Chat

Wilko Live Chat is open for the following hours:

From Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm Saturday 8am to 6pm Sunday 9am to 5pm

Wilko live chat

Wilko live chat has a team of representatives online to answer any questions, queries, or concerns that you have in any area of the business. Including, your online or click-and-collect order, exchanges and refunds, order tracking, product recalls, product inquiries, and promotions and offers. The web chat service can be found at the bottom of the page, only during the opening times listed above.

To access the Wilko live chat click on the link below

Wilko live chat

How To Contact Wilko Customer Service?

You can contact the Wilko Customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. The phone and live chat can be used for faster turnaround time and have less than 3 minutes of waiting time. Email requests can take between 2 to 3 business days to be handled.

Wilko Contact Number: 01909 505505 To contact Wilko via email, use Wilko’s email address.

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  1. helen craign/a

    i am very concerned about wilco . i paid £150 for a bed frame arrived , when i checked it was badly damaged , burst and dirty marks , 6 emails sent , no reply , whatsapp messages sent no reply….

    72 hours shockingly well past ,

    this company needs to be took further , its taking peoples money and are total scammers , ive askd to be returned , heard nothing

  2. Andrea Domigan

    Day 5 and still heard nothing back 29 emails phone number isn’t in use said up to 72 hours have well passed now over a hundred and twenty pounds worth of stuff that I can’t use or return until they get in touch

  3. Jill Reid

    Ordered on the 11th Feb paid extra for earlier delivery nothing has come. Emailed Wilko twice as when I track it’s giving me different dates. Surely this can not be right when you have paid for goods and they do not arrive and no one replies to your emails. It’s disgraceful

  4. Lisa

    4 emails. 4 what’s app messages, numerous emails & social media & still trying to get someone to arrange return for an item that was incorrectly sold. Can’t get anyone to answer. Only reply was initially auto not on what’s app. 2 replied via email keep sayin same. We will contact supplier & come back to u. 5 wow n. Still chasing. Ridiculous. I am going to try using resolver. Good luck everyone

  5. Maggie

    I ordered on the 12 January 2024
    Delivery was ment to be 22 January still waiting it’s coming from supplier they have changed delivery 9 times now later on tonight when I refresh the page it will be changed again that will be the 10th time they changed delivery it’s a joke there aloud to do this customer service number no help says that been shutdown was store closed av emailed every time delivery has been changed still no response

  6. Wendy Eley

    Hi ordered item last week delivery date 7/12/23 ,no delivery.The contact for delivery queries has gone from 48 hrs -78 hrs .Concerned after delivery date went past could not access my account .What is going on .Surely you should not be selling if you can’t deliver .

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