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Wagamama Opening Hours, Menu and Prices

Wagamama Opening Hours:

day of the week hours
Monday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Main Menu Prices:

Food Name Category Price (£)
Hot + Spicy Chilli (Steak) Ramen 15.5
Hot + Spicy Chilli (Chicken) Ramen 13.5
Kare Burosu Ramen 13
Chicken (Customise my broth) Ramen 15
Yasai Vegetable (Customise my broth) Ramen
Korean Barbecue Beef (Hirata Steamed Buns) Buns 7.5
Mixed Mushrooms (Hirata Steamed Buns) Buns 7
Pork Belly (Hirata Steamed Buns) Buns 7.5
Hoisin Pulled Duck (Hirata Steamed Buns) Buns 7.5
Tama Squid Sides 8.5
Sticky Vegan ‘Ribs’ Sides 7.5
Asian-Style Padron Peppers Sides 5.5
Prawn Nori Rolls Sides 6
Crispy Chilli Mushrooms Sides 7
Japanese Pickles (Extras) Extras 1
Chilli (Extras) Extras 1
Miso Soup, Japanese Pickles (Extras) Extras 2
Kimchee (Extras) Extras 1
Chilli Sambal Paste (Extras) Extras 1
Tea-Stained Egg (Extras) Extras 1.2
Prawn (Raisukaree) Curry 15
Chicken (Raisukaree) Curry 14
Tofu (Raisukaree) Curry 13
Prawn (Firecracker) Curry 15
Chicken (Firecracker) Curry 14
Tofu (Firecracker) Curry 13
Vegatsu Curry 13
Chicken (Katsu) Curry 13.5
Yasai (Katsu) Curry 12.5
Chicken + Prawn (Yaki Soba) Teppanyaki 13
Yasai Mushroom (Yaki Soba) Teppanyaki
Chicken + Prawn (Pad Thai) Teppanyaki 13.5
Yasai Tofu (Pad Thai) Teppanyaki
Yasai Tofu (Teriyaki Soba) Teppanyaki
Yasai Mushroom (Teriyaki Soba) Teppanyaki
Chicken Katsu Salad Soulful Bowls 12.5
Shu’s ‘Shiok’ Chicken Soulful Bowls 13
Spicy Miso Mackerel Soulful Bowls 16
Chicken + Caramelised Onion (Koyo Bowls) Koyo Bowls 12.5
Aubergine + Caramelised Onion (Koyo Bowls) Koyo Bowls 11.5
Salmon (Koyo Bowls) Koyo Bowls 14
Duck (Gyoza) Sides + Sharing 7.5
Yasai Vegetable (GyozaApologies for the cut-off. Here is the continuation of the table:

Sides Prices (Wagamama):

Food Name Category Price (£)
Yasai Vegetable (Gyoza) 6.8
Salmon (Gyoza) Sides + Sharing 7.5
Chicken (Gyoza) Sides + Sharing 7
Pulled Pork (Gyoza) Sides + Sharing 7
Chicken Yakitori Sides + Sharing 8
Chilli Squid Sides + Sharing 8
Edamame, Your Way Sides + Sharing 4.9
Bang Bang Cauliflower Sides + Sharing 6
Ebi Katsu Sides + Sharing 8
Wok-Fried Greens Sides + Sharing 5
Prawn Kushiyaki Sides + Sharing 7
Grilled Duck (Donburi) Donburi 17
Beef Brisket (Teriyaki) Donburi 14.5
Chicken (Teriyaki) Donburi 13.5
Chicken + Prawn (Cha Han) Donburi 13
Shichimi Tofu (Cha Han) Donburi 11
Tantanmen Beef Brisket Ramen 15
Grilled Chicken Ramen 13
Shirodashi Pork Belly Ramen 14.5
Vegan ‘Chicken’ Kare Lomen Ramen 13
White Chocolate + Ginger Cheesecake Dessert 7.5
Banana Katsu Dessert 7
Smoked Chocolate Caramel Cake Dessert 7.5
Dough·chi Dessert 6
Wagamama Juice Sorbet Ice Cream + Sorbet 4.5
Coconut Reika Ice Cream Ice Cream + Sorbet 5
Miso Caramel Ice Cream Ice Cream + Sorbet 5
Chocolate + Cherry Kefir Ice Cream Ice Cream + Sorbet 5

Drinks Menu and Prices at Wagamama:

Drink Name Category Price (£)
Ginger No-jito Mindful Drinks 5
Yuzu + Lychee Tonic Mindful Drinks 4.5
Cherry Blossom Lemonade Mindful Drinks 4
Ginger + Lemongrass Tea Tea 3.1
Fresh Mint Tea Tea 2.6
Jasmine Flowering Tea Tea 3.7
Green Tea Tea Free
Espresso Coffee 2.6
Double Espresso Coffee 2.8
Americano Coffee 3
Latte (Large) Coffee 3.7
Latte (Regular) Coffee 3.1
Cappuccino (Large) Coffee 3.7
Cappuccino (Regular) Coffee 3.1
Macchiato Coffee 3
Iced Coffee Coffee 3.1
Tropical Juice (Large) Refreshing Juices 5.5
Tropical Juice (Regular) Refreshing Juices 4.5
Up-Beet Juice (Large) Refreshing Juices 5.5
Up-Beet Juice (Regular) Refreshing Juices 4.5
Power Juice (Large) Refreshing Juices 5.5
Power Juice (Regular) Refreshing Juices 4.5
Orange Juice (Large) Refreshing Juices 5.5
Orange Juice (Regular) Refreshing Juices 4.5
Positive Juice (Large) Refreshing Juices 5.5
Positive Juice (Regular) Refreshing Juices 4.5
Carrot Cleanse Juice (Large) Refreshing Juices 5.5
Carrot Cleanse Juice (Regular) Refreshing Juices 4.5
High Five Juice (Large) Refreshing Juices 5.5
High Five Juice (Regular) Refreshing Juices 4.5
Cloudy Lemonade (Large) Soft Drinks 3.8
Cloudy Lemonade (Regular) Soft Drinks 3.4
Peach Iced Tea (Large) Soft Drinks 3.8
Peach Iced Tea (Regular) Soft Drinks 3.4
Still Water (Large) Soft Drinks 4.7
Still Water (Regular) Soft Drinks 2.8
Sparkling Water (Large) Soft Drinks 4.7
Sparkling Water (Regular) Soft Drinks 2.8
Coke Soft Drinks 3.5
Coke Zero Soft Drinks 3.4
Diet Coke Soft Drinks 3.4
Sprite Zero Soft Drinks 3.4
Lucky Buddha Beer + Cider 5.5
Asahi (Large) Beer + Cider 7.7
Asahi (Small) Beer + Cider 4.7
Transmission IPA Beer + Cider 6.7
Atlantis Pale Ale Beer + Cider 5.7
Days Alcohol-Free Lager Beer + Cider 5
East by Southeast Cider Beer + Cider Apologies for the cut-off. Here is the continuation of the table:
Drink Name Category Price (£)
East by Southeast Cider Beer + Cider 6
Mio Sparkling Sake Sake 8
Kaori Sake Sake 7.5
Merlot (Spain) Wine 22 (750ml), 8 (250ml), 6.2 (175ml)
Malbec (Argentina) Wine 25 (750ml), 8.8 (250ml), 6.7 (175ml)
Pinot Grigio (Italy) Wine 20 (750ml), 7.5 (250ml), 6 (175ml)
Sauvignon Blanc (South Africa) Wine 26 (750ml), 9.8 (250ml), 7.3 (175ml)
Pinot Grigio Blush (Italy) Wine 21 (750ml), 7.8 (250ml), 6.2 (175ml)
Prosecco (Italy) Sparkling Wine 27 (750ml), 6 (125ml)
Roku Tonic Soulful Spirits + Cocktails 7.5
Panchi Soulful Spirits + Cocktails 8.5
Thai Chilli Margarita Soulful Spirits + Cocktails 8.5
Pandan Passion Fruit Colada Soulful Spirits + Cocktails 8.5
Sake Spritz Soulful Spirits + Cocktails 8.5
Sakura Pink G+T Soulful Spirits + Cocktails 8.2

** If you have any food allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities, it’s important that you inform your server each time you visit, prior to placing your order. The on-duty manager will personally handle and deliver your order.

Gluten-Free Menu at Wagamama:

They do offer a dedicated non-gluten menu. Please inform your server about your dietary needs, and a manager will personally take your order. Their head chef will then carefully prepare your meal using cleaned or separate cooking utensils, such as a wok or ladle, to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

However, please be aware that our dishes are prepared in areas where allergenic ingredients, including gluten, are present. Therefore, they cannot guarantee that their dishes are 100% gluten-free.

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