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How Do I Book a Table at Wagamama (UK)?

Wagamama does not take standard reservations in its UK branches.

If you’re planning a trip to Wagamama, it’s important to know that this popular UK chain of Asian-inspired restaurants has a different philosophy when it comes to bookings. Taking inspiration from traditional Japanese ramen bars, Wagamama has chosen to forgo the traditional reservation system seen in many other establishments.

Instead of taking bookings, Wagamama focuses on providing fresh food and swift service, mirroring the bustling and fast-paced environment of ramen bars. Upon your arrival, if all tables are occupied, you may be asked to wait in a brief queue. Rest assured, the staff at Wagamama are well-versed in managing this process, ensuring that guests are seated as quickly and safely as possible.

The seating arrangement at Wagamama is another aspect that stands out. The restaurant has communal-style bench seating, closely resembling the set-up of ramen restaurants in Japan. While Wagamama strives to seat customers with some spacing between them and other guests for privacy and comfort, during busy periods this may not always be achievable. Thus, you may find yourself sharing your dining experience closely with other patrons.

Even though Wagamama does not take standard reservations, it’s important to note that they do offer a click + collect service. This allows you to order your favourite meals online from their website, and collect the order at your convenience from your local Wagamama restaurant.

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