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Understanding the ‘Sender Despatching Item’ Status: Royal Mail

One of the statuses you might see is ‘Sender Despatching Item’ on Royal Mail tracking. But what does it mean, and what should you do if it doesn’t change for a while? Here’s a simple breakdown.

What Does ‘Sender Despatching Item’ Mean?

The status ‘Sender Despatching Item’ tells you that the seller has paid for the postage, but the postal system hasn’t scanned your item yet. This status comes up before the item gets collected and scanned by the postal service.

Why is My Tracking Stuck on ‘Sender Despatching Item’?

It can be worrying if the status doesn’t change for days. There could be delays with Royal Mail, especially if there are many packages to handle or during busy times like holidays.

Is This Normal?

Yes, it can be normal. Sometimes it might take a few days for your package to get its first scan. Especially with cheaper shipping options, a little delay is usual.

What Should I Do?

If You’re the Recipient:

  • Ask the seller if they have posted the package.
  • If more than 3 days pass with no change, you might want to contact Royal Mail to check what’s happening.

If You’re the Seller:

  • If you haven’t posted the package yet, let the buyer know and post it as soon as you can.
  • If there are delays on Royal Mail’s side, keep the buyer updated.

What Happens Next?

1. Item Collection or Posting Delay:

Sometimes, there could be a delay from the seller’s side in posting the item or having it collected. The item might be in a post box or at the post office waiting to be collected and scanned by the postal service.

2. High Postal Volumes or Delays:

Especially during busy times or with certain postal services, your item might not get scanned for 1-2 working days after it’s received by the postal service. For example, if the seller is using a service like Tracked 48, this kind of delay is common.

3. Home Collections:

Nowadays, postal services collect parcels from home addresses too. When the postman collects and scans your parcel, the status updates to ‘Sender Despatching Item’.

Questions and Answers

Q: I saw this status on my Royal Mail Tracked 48 parcel, should I be worried?

A: It’s normal to see this status. It may remain like this for 1-2 working days before updating, especially during busy periods.

Q: The status has been the same for several days, what should I do?

A: It might help to contact the seller for a proof of postage. If they have posted the item, the delay could be from the postal service’s side.

Q: My parcel had different statuses before showing ‘Sender Despatching Item’, is this normal?

A: Sometimes, tracking statuses can revert or change based on the parcel’s journey. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the tracking and contact the postal service or the seller if you’re concerned.

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