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Royal Mail: Understanding Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs)

RDC royal mail

What is a Regional Distribution Centre (RDC)?

RDC means Regional Distribution Centre. There are 13 of these centres in the UK. Each one sorts the mail for a certain area. After sorting, the mail is sent to the next place it needs to go. The main job of an RDC is to sort mail. After sorting, the items are sent to where they need to go. This helps mail move quickly across the Royal Mail network.

Each RDC is a busy place where mail from its area is collected. It’s the first place mail goes before it’s sent to the next place.

If you’re sending a parcel to another country, it first goes to an RDC. Here, it gets ready for its trip out of the UK.

Biggest RDCs and NDCs:

Regional Distribution Centres:

  1. Atherstone (North Warwickshire)
  2. Chelmsford (Essex)
  3. Greenford (Greater London)
  4. Jubilee Mail Centre (Greater London)
  5. Peterborough (Cambridgeshire)
  6. Princess Royal Distribution Centre (West London)
  7. South Midlands Mail Centre (Northampton)
  8. Swansea (Wales)
  9. Warrington (Cheshire)
  10. Yate (South Gloucestershire)

National Distribution Centres:

  1. North West Midlands Mail Centre (Crewe)
  2. South West Distribution Centre (Bristol)
  3. Yorkshire Distribution Centre (Normanton)

Questions and Answers

How many RDCs are in the UK?
There are 13 Regional Distribution Centres in the UK.

What happens to my mail at an RDC?
Your mail is sorted and then sent to the next place, like another RDC, a local office, or if it’s going to another country, it gets ready for its trip.

Why are RDCs important for mail going to other countries?
RDCs help by being the first place overseas parcels go. They make sure parcels are sent the right way to other countries.


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