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Royal Mail Order Shown as Delivered, But You Haven’t Received It? Here’s is What to Do

1/ Firstly, verify if the address the item was sent to is correct.

2/ Next, determine if the item was sent through a delivery service that requires a signature upon receipt. In such cases, confirm if the name of the person who accepted the package is recognized. Note that the name provided may not always match the recipient’s name on the address label.

3/ For home deliveries, ask the recipient to check with others living at the same address who may have accepted the delivery. Additionally, inquire if the package was left with a neighbor or in a designated Safeplace. Tracking webpages for certain items may provide photographs of where the package was left. F

or work address deliveries, check with the post room and/or colleagues who may have received the package.

If none of the above helped you find your parcel, you will need to contact Royal Mail.

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