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Can I Change My Royal Mail Delivery Address?

The answer is yes, you can change your Royal Mail delivery address, but it depends on the delivery service you have chosen.

If you’re using Royal Mail’s “tracked” service, you can change your delivery address online using the “track and trace” feature. However, you can only change the delivery address before the package is out for delivery. If the package is already out for delivery, you won’t be able to change the delivery address.

If you’re using Royal Mail’s “signed for” service, you can change the delivery address by filling out a “redirection of mail” form. The form is available on the Royal Mail website or can be obtained from any Post Office branch. Once completed, you can submit the form to the Post Office along with the relevant fee.

If you’ve missed a delivery from Royal Mail, you’ll receive a “something for you” card. This card will have instructions on how to reschedule the delivery, including changing the delivery address if needed.

Steps to Change Your Royal Mail Delivery Address:

  1. Track your package: If you’re using the “tracked” service, track your package on the Royal Mail website.
  2. Click on “change delivery address”: If your package is not out for delivery, you’ll see an option to “change the delivery address.” Click on that option.
  3. Enter the new delivery address: Enter the new delivery address and click “submit.”
  4. Confirm changes: You’ll receive an email confirming the changes you’ve made.
  5. Wait for delivery: Your package will now be delivered to the new address you provided.

If you’re using the “signed for” service, you’ll need to fill out the “redirection of mail” form, submit it to the Post Office, and pay the relevant fee.

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  1. Sammy

    I have sent a parcel out today to Abu Dhabi .
    I havnt put the hotel name on the parcel and want to add to my package to ensure it gets out to where it should be delivered .

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