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Can’t Duplicate a Notion Template? Here’s Why.

Here’s why you might not be able to duplicate a Notion template (the duplicate button is missing) and what you can do about it:

  1. Check the website: Ensure that you are on the correct website. All Notion templates should be on the website. If the template isn’t there, it isn’t a genuine Notion template.
  2. Check the page sharing settings: The page you are viewing may be publicly shared but not set up as a template. In this case, the author is sharing their work but has not enabled the quick copy functionality. Here’s what you can do if you encounter this situation:
    • Contact the author: The first and often successful approach is to contact the author and kindly ask them to share the page as a template. They may have simply forgotten to enable this setting.
    • Recreate the template: If contacting the author is not possible or doesn’t yield the desired result, you can use the shared page as a reference and recreate the template from scratch in your own Notion workspace. This method may be time-consuming, but having a working example to refer to can make the process easier.

These steps should help you resolve the issue of a missing duplicate button on a Notion template.

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